Ayurvedic B-Fit Tonic It is made with complete Ayurvedic ingredients and it provides vitamins, weight loss, insomnia, loss of appetite, strengthening, , and energy to your body every day

B-Fit Tonic for Daily Energy Booster:

Insomnia, loss of appetite

Health Supplement:

Weakness, weight loss


Each 5 ml contains:
water extracts of:
Aswagandha(withania somnifera)100mg,arjunchall(terminalia arjuna)100mg,anantamul(hemidesmus indicus)100mg,alkushi beej(mucuna prurita)50mg,jastimadhu(glycyrrhiza glabra)50mg,satamuli(asparagus recemosus)50mg,shimul mul(bombax malabaricum)50mg,draksa(vitise vinifera)200mg,vumikusmanda(ipomoea digitata)50mg,bhrngaraj(eclipta alba)50mg,amlaki(embilca officinalis)50mg,elachi(elettaria cardamomum)50m,brahmi(bacopa monnieri)50mg,
Addititve agent:
sugar(sarkara)1gm,sorbitol 70% solution 0.5gm,caramel(colour)q.s,mixed fruits(essence)0.02ml,sodium benzoate(preservative)25mg,purified water 5ml.


for weakness ,weight loss, insomnia, loss of appetite etc


adult :2-3 t.s.f.3times a day
child:1/2 of adult dosage
or as directed by the physician.

Side Effect: No side effect 

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