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Ayurvedic Pain Relief Master Oil

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Master Oil

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Relief from Agonizing Joint & Miuscle Pain

    • Gout
    • Arthiritis
    • Lumbago
    • Muscle Trauma
    • Sprain
    • Tissue Injuries

Ayurvedic Master Massage Oil for Joint and Muscle Pain It is formulated with a combination of herbs and oils that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Some of the herbs commonly found in this oil include ashwagandha, guggul, ginger, camphor and sesame oil. This oil is usually applied topically. Either and massaged into the affected joint or muscle. It is believed to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve circulation and promote joint flexibility.


Each 5 ml. Contains Oil Extract of:

Pudina.0.25 m.g.Karpur.0.25 m.g.Guggul .0.395 m.g.Eranda.0.15 m.g.Nim .0.50 m.g.Thymol.0.25 m.g.Haridra.0.20 m.g.Rosun 0.25 m.g.Oil of Gaultheria 0.30 m.g.Oil of Eucalyptus 0.25 m.g.Oil of Chalmoorga 0.25 m.g.Sodium Benzoate .30 m.g.Mustard Oil Q.S. to 5 ml.


Relief from Agonizing Joint & Miuscle Pain-Arthiritis,Lumbago,Muscle Trauma,Sprain,Tissue Injuries.


Ayurvedic Master Oil Massage gently on the effected area.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Manufactured In India By:

B.N Mallick & Co.


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