Germany Oil contains various herbs & plant extracts that are proven & is a therapeutic massage oil that will enriched & bring you the extreme limit of sexual pleasure & this oil sensual way to give relive exhausted or fatigue mucles,it has been technologically improved to ensure the ultimate in sensual satisfaction - for both you & your partner traditionally germany oil for men is used by men to improve & enhance erection,help stimulate libodo & increase male vigor, Increase hormone, this massage oil is used for male virility, vitalirty & pleasure

Ayurvedic Germany Oil increase male vigor :

For libodo & virility,

Men's Health :

Herbal Benefit product & Increase hormone,


Each 5 ml Contains Oil Extract of: Bari Kateri 500 mg, Aswagandha 500 mg, Shatavari 500 mg, Jatamansi 500 mg, Kur 500 mg.

Flavour: Jasmine Q.S.

Preservative: BHT 0.05 ml.

Base: Castor oil Q.S to 20 ml.



This massage oil is used for male virility, vitality and pleasure.



Use 10-15 drops through massaging by light hand at morning & bed time.

 Caution : To be used under medical supervision.

Pack Size:

Net Content :15 ml.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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