Ayurvedic new pack Rumazox active capsule for arthritis & joint pain this capsule helps in relief from rheumatic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflannatory diseases and pain of joint or as directed by the physician & used for short-term relief of pain, inflammation, and swelling in conditions that affect joints and muscles

Ayurvedic Pain Relief Rumazox Active Capsule :

Arthritis & Joint pain 


Health Supplement :

From rheumatic arthritis


Gulancha Stem.100mg,Punarnava Whole plant.75mg,Nishinda Leaf. 40mg,Guggul Exudate.125mg,Shetverenda Root.100mg,Sallaki Rhizome.100mg,Dibasic Calcium Phosphate.4.0mg,Talcum.2.0mg,Lactose.1.0mg,Magnesium Sterate.1.0mg,
Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.1.0mg,Sodium Benzoate.2.0mg



Helps in relief from rheumatic arthritis,psoriatic arthritis,osteoarthritis,inflannatory diseases and pain of joint or as directed by the physician


1 Capsule 1 to 2 times a day preferably with water or as directed by the physician.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Store In a Cool, Dry & Dark Place.

Keep out of reach of children.


                                 Manufactured In India By : RAJASTHAN HERBO


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