Vital strong capsule is a non-hormonal health revitaliger for all age group of male & female, which improve the quality of life. Its advance Ayurvedic formulation contains the pharmacologically evidenced ingredients, which enhance physical performance and mental ability. It is a powerful tonic and alterative, which is useful in variety of degenerative disease & general debility for old age and in emaciation of children. It enhances the host resistant against infection, nourished heart, brain and urinogenital organs. Vital strong improved sexual strength and keep the emotional stability fit & energetic all the time. The essential amino acids, multivitamins & minerals facilitate respiratory and cardiovascular functions with improving blood circulation. It also regulates the carbohydrate and fat metabolism and improve appetite, digestion & assimilation.


Aswagandha is a well known powerful alterative and nervine tonic which has significant effect on nerve cells stimulation and regeneration which help to revives mind & body. 


Each 500 mg capsule contains the extract of Aswagandha-40 mg, Shilajit-75 Kuchla 10 mg, Akarkara-20 mg, Safed Musli 50 mg, Makardhawaj-65 mg,Satawar 65 mg, Lavang-10 mg. Dalchini-20 mg, Tulsi Beej-40 mg. Trivang Bhasma-20 mg,Parwal Bhasma-25 mg. Kauch Beej-75 mg, Kesar-5 mg, & Sarpgandha-10 mg



General Debility, Fatigue & Lethargy, Malnutrition, Degenerative Disease, Oxidative stress & Impotency.


  • Vital Strong Capsule is very beneficial for you. By using it you can get rid of General Weakness, Physical Stress.

One or two capsule twice daily after meal or as directed by physician.


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