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Good Health Box Capsule

Good Health Box Capsule

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Good Health capsules is famous Ayurvedic medicine which improves the Loss of appetite, Weight loss, Physical weakness, Muscles wasting, Body building,  Anaemia right liver to be digested properly food and new causes of blood in the body.

This Capsule Beneficial To The Whole Family's Health :

Loss of Appetite & Anaemia,

Health supplement:

Weight loss, Body building,

Composition :

Aswagandha 70 m.g, Anantamul 50 m.g, Draksa 40 m.g, Brahmi 30 m.g, Satamuli 40 m.g, Jastimadhu 40 m.g, Jatamanshi 40 m.g, Sankhopuspi 50 m.g, Viranga 40 m.g, Gokhur 30 m.g, Amlaki 50 m.g.

Additive Agent :

Sodhit shilajeet 10 mg, Banga 8 mg, Sodium benzoate 2 mg.


Weight loss, Physical weakness, Muscles wasting, Body building, Anaemia, Loss of appetite, Liver or digestive disorder.

Dosage :

1 capsule thrice daily or as directed  by the physician.

Side effect : No side effect .

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