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What is Good Health Capsule?

Dr. Biswas Good Health Capsule is fully herbal, this capsule contains 10 other herbal ingredients including ashwagandha which is one of the best medicine for your weight gain, healthy liver, blood formation, immunity. Wellness capsules keep you healthy and fit in your daily life. It prevents weight loss, physical weakness, muscle wasting,  problems, loss of appetite, liver or digestive disorders and anemia.


Good Health Capsule Benifit :

Dr. Biswas Good Health Capsules stimulate appetite to achieve desired weight, and increase protein synthesis in the body for a heavy body, these capsules help in increasing energy levels and athletic performance, the special Ayurvedic formulation improves skin quality by imparting a radiant glow.

Weight gain : If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, it's important to focus on building muscle mass and increasing your calorie intake while eating nutritious foods. Dr. Biswas Good Health Capsule contains Ashwagandha along with 10 other herbs to boost your appetite and achieve desired weight gain.

Physical weakness: It contains powerful herbal ingredients, which are effective in removing physical weakness.

problems : It prevents  problems.

Keeps Fit : Increases your weight and helps you get perfect and perfect body.


Good Health Capsule use :

For healthy body take one one capsule each morning and evening after meals till one month. After that take one capsule at a day till 2 months. Then eat alternately, Don’t stop the medicine till your body muscles tightness if you leave the medicine once, you may lose weight. To increase appetite and for weakness take medicine two times a day for 10 days.

Precautions to be food –

To increase appetite eat full stomach but avoid spicy things. Along with the medicine you can eat meat and fish. Vegetarian people should eat milk, pulses and green leafy vegetables. At the start of medicine one or two days, you may feel lazy or sleepy. But after two days you will feel normal. Incase after consuming a medicine if you feel any problem, immediately stop consuming medicine and consult your doctor.

Side-Effects –

It’s a ayurvedic medicine and made by natural herbs so it’s have not side effects. But people with heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, women are recommended not to take this medicine.

Good health capsule ( Original vs Fake)

Warning –

Many fake products is selling in the market so beware from fake products and see hallmark on the silver seal paper.


What is good health? What happens when taking Good health capsule? Good Health Capsules original vs fake, How long should good health capsules be taken?

 Now there are many Good Health Capsules in the market so the number of fakes is also increasing.
If you are making the same mistake, be careful now - because wrong Good Health Capsules can be dangerous for you.


1) Dr. Biswas Good Health Capsule -

Dr Biswas Weight Gain Good Health Capsule. Are you worried about your weight, or food aversion then take this Ayurvedic Good Health Capsule without delay, it is your improve overall health and boost immunity. good health capsule also increases energy levels, anemia, loss of appetite ,weight gain and weakness.

What is good health? What happens when taking Good health capsule? Good Health Capsules original vs fake, How long should good health capsules be taken?


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Dr Biswas Weight Gain Good Health Capsule:

Family's Health ,loss of appetite,

Weight gain capsule :

For anemia,

Composition :

Aswagandha 70 mg, Anantamul 50 mg, Draksa 40 mg, Brahmi 30 mg, Satamuli 40 mg, Jastimadhu 40 mg, Jatamanshi 40 mg, Sankhopuspi 50 mg, Viranga 40 mg, Gokhur 30 mg, Amlaki 50 mg.

Additive Agent : Sodhit shilajeet 10 mg, Banga 8 mg, Sodium benzoate 2 mg.


Indications :

Weight loss, Physical weakness, Muscles wasting, Body building, illness, Anaemia, Loss of appetite, Liver or digestive disorder.


Dosage :

1 capsule thrice daily or as directed  by the physician.

Pack Size : Container of 50 capsule.

Side Effect for Good Health Capsule : 

No side effects as it is a complete Ayurvedic capsule.

Safety information:

  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep away from heart patients.




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