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pain is a common disorder that affects your joints. It can cause pain and inflammation, making it difficult to move or stay active. There are many types of pain. Each form causes different symptoms and may need different. While pain usually affects older adults, it can develop in men, women and children of any age.

What is pain ?

pain is a disease that affects your joints (areas where your bones meet and move). pain usually involves inflammation or degeneration (breakdown) of your joints. These changes can cause pain when you use the joint.

pain is most common in the following areas of the body:

  • Feet.
  • Hands.
  • Hips.
  • Knees.
  • Lower back.

What are the different types of pain?

  • Psoriatic 
  • Gout:
  • Ankylosing spondylitis:
  • Reactive 
  • Lupus 

What causes pain?

Different types of pain have different causes. For instance, gout is the result of too much uric acid in your body. But for other types of pain, the exact cause is unknown. You may develop pain if you:

  • Have a family history of pain.
  • Have a job or play a sport that puts repeated stress on your joints.
  • Have certain autoimmune diseases or viral infections.

What are the risk factors for pain?

Some factors make you more likely to develop

, including:

  • Age: The risk of pain increases as you get older.
  • Lifestyle: Smoking or a lack of exercise can increase your risk of arth pain.
  • Weight: Obesity puts extra strain on your joints, which can lead to pain.

What are the symptoms of pain?

Different types of pain have different symptoms. They can be mild in some people and severe in others. Joint discomfort might come and go, or it could stay constant. Common symptoms include:

  • Pain.
  • Redness.
  • Stiffness.
  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness.
  • Warmth.

Neck Pain
Both men and women can experience neck pain at any age. In this case, the cause of pain may be different depending on the age. The main causes of neck pain are:

  •  strain or spasm
  • spondylosis
  •  dix prolapse
  •  injury
  • Fibromyalgia

Apart from this, various inflammatory rheumatic fevers or rheumatic diseases also cause neck pain. If you have neck pain at any age, you must first determine its specific cause. Accordingly, taking scientific  will definitely cure the disease. A physical medicine specialist must be consulted for this disease. So that you can ensure proper medical care.

Back Pain 
pain is a disturbing disease or symptom of the human body. Many men and women of the world are victims of this disease. Usually people between 30 and 55 years of age are affected by this pain. Studies have shown that 60 to 80 percent of people worldwide have experienced or are at risk of experiencing back pain at some point in their lives. As performance is lost, so is working time. Along with this, there is the aspect of emotional distress and financial loss. And the money on  is undoubtedly worrying.

Causes of Back Pain
Now we know the causes of back pain and who is more prone to this disease. Generally, the causes of back pain in people before the age of 40 and in their forties can be different. That is, the causes of back pain are different depending on age and gender. Back pain is usually caused by people who do a lot of physical work, such as carrying heavy weights, lifting weights, standing for long periods, sitting for long periods, bending forward, and sitting. Back pain is often caused by falls or injuries. This pain is also caused by bone loss. Such pain is called a 'degenerative disorder'. In addition, infection, cancer, and even gallbladder and pancreatic diseases can cause back pain.

Knee pain
in young age or a little older can cause knee pain due to various reasons. Between 30 and 60 years of age, 25 to 30 percent of people suffer from knee pain. So knee pain is a very common form of pain that affects people of a slightly older age. Generally, women have more knee pain than men. In this case, both knees of women are affected simultaneously. With age, the cartilage of the knee undergoes some structural changes or some deterioration. Thus, with increasing age, various bones, cartilage and bone joints of the body begin to deteriorate. A small amount of erosion can often cause no symptoms. As a result, patients remain normal. But if the level of corrosion is high then various symptoms appear in the body of the patients. For example, loss of movement, pain in the knee, swelling and water accumulation in the knee, etc.

Back Pain Remedy
Back pain is not the only reason to go to the doctor. A little pain medication and adherence to regimens for  improves the pain. For example, lying on a firm bed, applying hot compresses to the waist, resting for a day or two, and taking a small amount of common painkillers can be beneficial in many cases. If the back pain is more, you must consult a doctor. In this case, the advice of a physical medicine specialist is very important.

What to do about knee pain
Regardless of the age or cause of knee pain, it is important to first determine the exact cause. In some cases, it can be said without a doubt that the disease will be cured or controlled if the disease is confirmed by proper examination and . There are many benefits to using physical therapy in addition to medication to treat knee pain. In this case, a physical medicine specialist doctor plays the main supporting role.


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