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Normal amount of blood in our body

1. The normal volume of blood in an adult's body is 1 liter.
Of this, plasma averages 3 liters and red blood cells 2 liters.

2. In older women this volume is less than 0.5 liters or an average of 4.5 (3.5- 4.5) liters.

3. In newborns this amount is 0.3 liters,
0.6 liter for 1 year old child,
1.6 liters for a 6-year-old child.
As soon as the amount of blood that is given above starts to decrease, the person begins to suffer from anemia.

The symptoms of anemia begin to be of the pale type. In this, the skin and stomach become dull. This disease manifests as dizziness and weakness. Shortness of breath, palpitation, and sometimes fainting due to clenched teeth.

For women, the number of menstrual periods that occurs for four days is reduced. Symptoms of physical lethargy or ga masmage are seen.

Sometimes the body becomes so weak that the patient even loses the ability to stand up.

The correct amount of hemoglobin in the blood of a healthy male is 14 to 16%.

And 12 to 14% of women. If the blood test shows that the level of hemoglobin is less than - then it is called anemic or a sign of anemia.

Cracked ankles are considered a symptom of anemia. Anemia can be caused by many reasons. All the reasons are-

• Three main components of blood-vitamin B, folic acid, and iron. Deficiency of any one of these three elements will cause less blood production in the body and result in anemia.
• The body becomes anemic when the body bleeds profusely due to a sudden accident.
• Thalassemia is a major cause of anemia. .
* Excessive menstruation in women causes anemia
• Diseases such as anemia, TB (arms), cirrhosis of liver, stomach ulcers, cause the body to become anemic quickly, resulting in anemia.
• Anemia is caused by not eating enough foods rich in B vitamins, iron, and folic acid.
• Anemia occurs rapidly even in cases like kidney failure.
• Leukemia is a blood disease. This is blood cancer. In this case, the red blood cells decrease at a very rapid rate and the amount of white blood cells also increases. So naturally anemia also occurs in this condition.
* Women suffer from anemia due to lack of awareness about diet and nutrition.
* A type of worm called hook worm enters the body and sucks blood. This results in anemia.

The first step in treating an anemic patient is to know why the patient is anemic. Due to which disease the patient is suffering from anemia. The disease that caused his anemia needs to be treated first. And if it is found to be due to malnutrition then the diet should be followed as advised by the doctor.

Rest is the main treatment for this disease. If rest and diet are followed properly, the patient will recover quickly.

Like other diseases, this disease must be cleaned first. And always keeping the diet clean is definitely necessary.

Food or diet acts as one of the main medicine for this patient. If sufficient iron is given in the patient's diet, the medicine will work similarly. Because iron is a major component of red blood cells in our blood, and if there is enough of this food, the body
Blood cells will be produced.

Food prepared in iron dishes can be given, then the body's iron needs will be met.

Again, the meat of various animals boiled and kept in the food list greatly helps to produce blood in anemia. But fish meal is not useful in anemia. In severe anaemia, meat can be eaten raw. Iron will increase rapidly in the body.

Eating different types of fruits as food will cure Iron deficiency in the body quickly. Besides, if you take all these things like figs, horseradish, kulekhara, it will be possible to get rid of anemia quickly.
Sufficient protein is essential for the patient. Because 95% of red blood cells are made up of proteins. Lack of protein in the diet causes anemia in the body, so yogurt, chick milk should be taken as very necessary food for protein. Because milk and dairy products are the best source of protein.

Anemia in the body can be quickly filled If tomatoes and raw animal meat are ground and cooked, blood will be produced in the body quickly and it will be possible to get rid of anemia quickly.

Chickpeas, fenugreek, nutmeg and mint greens are enough (due to the presence of iron) if these greens are consumed regularly then iron deficiency will be resolved quickly.

Anemia is generally treated with B vitamins, folic acid iron capsules and a balanced diet.

A sudden heavy bleeding from the body causes a rapid drop in hemoglobin levels. Then the patient has to meet his blood needs with blood from outside.

Roughly speaking, the diet of anemic patients should include pulses, rice, lots of vegetables, iron-rich foods, figs, green bananas, mocha, greens, greens, lemons, chickpeas, fruits, eggs, milk, fish, meat, and meat. If you regularly take some food every 4 hours, it will be possible to build an anemia-free body quickly.

Diagnosis of health in natural i.e. naturopathic treatment and yoga treatment of anemia.

In the natural treatment of this disease, the first thing that is needed is to increase the amount of iron in the blood.

Iron is used as a good Ayurvedic medicine in this disease. If you use this medicine 15 ml twice daily for 2 months, you will recover quickly from this disease. Vitamin B, which is present in animal liver, is very effective in treating anemia. Therefore, the patient will be healthy only if he takes care to ensure that the patient can get sufficient amount of B vitamins.

Anemia can be healthy with Yoga treatment.

Be sure to stay healthy by regular yoga practice along with the above specific food medicine.

Do Shweta Padmasana regularly every day - this is the most pain-relieving asana in yoga. Anemia will be cured by this asana practice. Also you will get rid of many more diseases in this asana practice.