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Is the thin body ruining the personality? Want to gain weight fast? Don't worry, add these 5 foods to your diet today. Weight will increase like magic.

 Although people are worried about increasing weight these days, there are some people who are quite uncomfortable with their skinny body. In many cases this weakness becomes the prime factor in destroying the individual's personality. Because many people have to be laughed at in school-college-office or social events if they have a skeleton-like body.

People try a lot to gain weight when this type of problem occurs. Yet the problem is not easily dismissed. Because just as it is difficult to go from fat to thin, it is not so easy to go from thin to fat. If you don't know the right way.

But do you know that some simple things can help you get rid of this problem in a few days? Let's find out which foods are effective for weight gain according to Medical News Today.

Milk: Milk which is easily available in every home is effective in gaining weight. In such situations those who want to gain weight must drink good cream milk. In fact, milk is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is why regular milk consumption leads to rapid weight gain and its effects are visible within a few days.

Bananas: Those who want to gain weight should eat bananas regularly. Because bananas contain a lot of calories, due to which the weight increases rapidly. Consuming it regularly gives quick relief.

Eggs: Eggs play an important role in increasing body weight. For this reason, doctors also advise to eat such food. In fact, egg yolks are rich in fat, protein, calcium and calories. In such a situation, both its white and yellow parts are helpful in increasing weight.

Ghee-jaggery: People eat many things to gain weight, but ghee-jaggery is considered to be very effective. You must have heard from elders that ghee and jaggery should be consumed to gain weight. Ayurveda also mentions the benefits of gaining weight by eating ghee and jaggery.

Dry fruits: The plump cheeks will be moon-faced in four days. It is very important to eat dry fruits every day. In fact, healthy fats, proteins and calories are abundant in this dry fruit.

In such a situation, those suffering from thinness should eat limited amounts of walnuts, almonds, raisins and cashews. They will see the benefits within a week.






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