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Common diseases of monsoon and winter are cold, fever and cough. Cold and fever get better quickly but cough does not want to get better easily. We have been suffering from this problem for a long time. It can be seen that the rash remains for 2/3 weeks. But in many cases, allergies, asthma, dry weather and smoking also cause cough.

Antibiotics should not be taken immediately after a cough. Cough can be cured by adopting some home remedies.

Let's know why cough occurs and how to get rid of cough at home.

Causes of cough:

There are various reasons for coughing. Sometimes cough is also due to lung infection, pneumonia, etc. In this case, the cough continues for a long time and causes chest pain. There are various other problems including breathing problems. If so, you must consult a doctor.

    There are also many other reasons for coughing. For example, sinus problems can cause cough due to inflammation of the nose. Again, because of smoking, it causes a cough. In this case, the medicine will not help if you do not quit smoking. Smokers have smoker's cough. Cough occurs because tobacco constantly irritates the respiratory membranes. So if you are suffering from cough then say no to smoking today.

Home remedies for cough:

1. Honey: Honey is second to none as a home remedy for cough relief. Honey helps reduce cough and phlegm. Sometimes honey works better than medicine. Although honey is an ideal remedy for cough or cold, honey should not be given to children under one year of age.

How to use:

A. A mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey, half lemon juice and a little ginger juice in a glass of warm water should be taken 1/2 time daily. This mixture controls phlegm and sore throat.

b. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with warm milk and drink it. Drinking regularly at night before going to bed will relieve cough.

c. Cough will be controlled even if you eat 1 tablespoon of honey 3 times a day.

Mix 1 teaspoon of red pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. 2 times a day will cure cough.

2. Basak leaves: Basak leaves are boiled in water, the water is strained and the yolk is eaten hot to relieve cough. Drink this water daily in the morning. Basak leaf juice is best taken every evening. Very good results are available in 2-3 days. You can mix a little sugar with the juice to reduce the bitterness.

3. Tulsi leaves: Tulsi leaves should be crushed and mixed with few drops of honey to make a mixture. this mixture 2/3 times daily to cure cough.

4. Ginger:
Cut ginger into small pieces and mix it with salt and eat it after a while. This method is very effective in removing cough. Moreover, you will get benefit from cough by drinking ginger tea.

5. Mixture of turmeric in hot milk: Heat the milk and mix a little turmeric in it. This turmeric milk is very useful in clearing cough. Turmeric helps us get rid of colds and coughs.

6. Cloves: If you have a cough, put a clove in your mouth and swallow the juice with a little pressure. Clove juice will soothe the throat, remove germs.

7. Menthol Candy: Candy or chocolate made with menthol is beneficial for cough. These candies can soften hard phlegm and clear phlegm from the throat and reduce cough.

8. Gargling: Gargling reduces both cough and sore throat. Gargle for 10-15 minutes by mixing half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Repeat several times with breaks. This is a very effective home remedy to reduce cough.

Also try to drink hot water instead of cold water if you have a cough. If you cough, take a bath with warm water. It removes the cough germs from the body.

# If the cough does not subside after following these methods, then a doctor must be consulted.


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