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What is jaundice?

Jaundice is not actually a disease, it is only a symptom of the disease. Yellowing of the whites of the eyes is called jaundice. If the level of jaundice is high, the hands, feet and even the whole body may turn yellow. In addition, the color of urine can be light to dark yellow. Jaundice occurs when the level of a type of pigment called bilirubin increases in the blood. Jaundice mostly affects the liver. And so jaundice should never be made fun of.

What causes jaundice?

Jaundice occurs when the level of bilirubin in the blood increases. Our red blood cells at some point break down normally to bilirubin, which is then processed in the liver and enters the digestive system with bile through the bile ducts. Bilirubin from the intestine leaves the body through the stool. Any abnormality in this long pathway of bilirubin leads to increased bilirubin in the blood and jaundice.

What disease causes jaundice?

Diseases that can cause jaundice are hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, liver disease and pancreatic cancer. Some medications can also cause jaundice. It can also occur as a result of drugs that are digested by the liver.

Symptoms of Jaundice:

  • Yellow spots on the skin, tongue and whites of the eyes
  • Dark yellow colored urine
  • Stools that are clay-colored and foul-smelling
  • Severe pain in the liver
  • loss of appetite
  • Decreased pulse rate
  • Bloating, severe constipation, extreme weakness
  • Itching on the body, bitterness in the mouth
  • Fever, headache
  • very tired

Jaundice at home:

Ayurveda, the liver is an important organ whose function is to provide nutrients to the body. Simple home remedies in Ayurveda can cure Jaundice. 

1. tomato juice

Mix a little salt and  pepper in a glass of tomato juice and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Very effective home remedies for Jaundice.

tomato juice

2. Mulberry leaves

Take few leaves of Mulo. Extract its juice. about half a liter of the extracted juice every day. Get rid of jaundice within ten days.

3. Papaya leaf juice

Mix one teaspoon of papaya leaf paste with one teaspoon of honey. Eat it regularly for a week. A very effective home remedy for jaundice.


Papaya leaf juice

4. sugarcane

Sugarcane helps in digestion and good liver function. That is why it is useful for quick recovery of jaundice patient. Add a little lemon juice to a glass of sugarcane juice. this juice twice a day for better results. Clean the sugarcane well before extracting the juice.


5. Basil leaves

Take 10-15 basil leaves. Make a paste out of it. Add half a glass of freshly prepared mulberry juice to it.  daily for two to three weeks for best results.

6. bureaucrat

Amla is a good source of vitamin C. Very useful in reducing jaundice. For this you can drink amla juice every morning. Or chew with salt.

7. Barley

Boil one cup of barley water in about three liters of water. This drink is. Get well soon.


# Be careful! Jaundice!
If jaundice is diagnosed, avoid alcohol, fried foods or heavy meals for a few months after recovery, or you may be at risk of developing it again.


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