How to increase digestion naturally -

From a certain age, almost many people have various problems in digestion. It is normal that everyone's digestive power will not be the same. Some people have very fast digestion after eating food and some people have various problems.

Everyone's metabolism is different. And so it is better to take food only after identifying the food individually and food wise. As it increases the digestive power, it also gets rid of various digestive problems. But yes, there are some reasons for loss of digestive power and due to those reasons, digestive problems are seen constantly.

Causes of decreased digestive power

  • If any food is eaten too quickly, then there is a problem in the digestive power or the digestive power is . Many of us swallow our food without chewing it properly. And this can be said to be the main cause of digestive power.
  • Mental anxiety, irregular sleep, eating irregular food, eating too much oily food causes problems in digestion and reduces digestion.
  • If there is a problem in the esophagus, if there are various problems in the stomach, the digestive power decreases.
  • There is an organ in our body called pancreas. If any kind of infection occurs in this organ, the digestive power gradually decreases.
  • Many times the digestive power also decreases as a result of excessive consumption of various medicines.
  • Taking excess tea, coffee, bean, gul, drugs reduces the digestive power.

Ways to increase digestive power

1.  Maintaining or increasing digestive power is very important to stay healthy or have good health. If digestion is not right in the body or the body, the whole body becomes stagnant. And so it is very important to increase the digestive power in the body. Just as there are reasons for decreased digestion, there are also ways to increase digestion. Let's know the way to increase digestion power.

2. The first thing to do to increase the digestive power is to observe the food. Find out what foods you eat or that cause digestive problems. Almost many people in our country do not know exactly which news they take, they have digestive problems. This means that they skip a lot of food. In this, the amount of nutrients required by their body is also gradually removed. So, first of all, the food should be observed and taken out.

3. Proper eating habits should be developed. In everyone's case, not all kinds of food are suitable for the body. Therefore, proper eating habits should be developed from the. It will improve the digestive power as well as increase the digestive power.

4. Nutritionists say that physical exercise is very important to improve digestion. However, it must be the type of exercise that is more active in the middle part of the body. There are several physical exercises in this regard. For example, lying at an angle of 90 degrees and turning the legs left and right, spot jogging, etc.

5. One of the most important things to improve digestion is adequate sleep. A healthy person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. If one  it regularly, his digestive power increases. So adequate sleep is very important to increase digestion power.

6. The higher the supply of oxygen to the body, the higher the digestive power. There is no substitute for oxygen for digestion or absorption processes. And so regular breathing exercises can be done to increase oxygen supply to the body.

Digestive medicine Home remedies to increase digestion power

  • Some home remedies can be taken to improve digestion. Because eating allopathy to increase digestion is not always good for the body. But let's know about some medicines to increase digestion.
  • Cumin powder mixed with warm water improves digestion.
  • Raw turmeric is very useful in removing digestive problems. A piece of raw turmeric can be eaten to improve digestion.
  • Papaya, whether raw or ripe. It has no comparison in boosting digestion. Regular consumption of papaya improves digestion.
  • If you boil apples and start consuming that water regularly, it helps in increasing the digestive power.
  • The more fiber you add to your diet, the better your digestion will be. So include regular fiber foods in the food list.

Digestive exercises

Now let's know about some exercises to increase digestive power.

Yoga Asana: It creates a kind of downward flow of energy in each of our bodies which increases our digestive power, removes constipation. Doing it regularly increases the efficiency of the digestive system and improves digestion.

Dhanurasana: This is an excellent asana for increasing digestive power or improving the functioning of the digestive system. This asana not only improves digestion but also helps in reducing fat, knee pain.


Bhujungasana: This asana provides sufficient amount of oxygen to the body and digestion increases rapidly if the body is regularly supplied with oxygen. Also, this asana strengthens the bones of the spine.


Walking: Regular 20 to 30 minutes of walking every day improves digestion. The easiest exercise to increase digestion is walking. And so to stay healthy and increase the metabolism of the body should practice daily walking.


Finally: It can be said that if the digestive power of the body is not right, then many problems have to be faced. The whole body becomes still. Therefore, in order to keep the body healthy, besides eating mindful food, it is necessary to ensure that it is properly digested. And all the activities necessary to increase the digestive power should be done properly.




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