What is Ashoka Tree : Uses, Benefits, Side Effects - GITA

  Ashoka is a medium sized shade evergreen tree. The color of their leaves is dark green. The leaves are long, broad and lanceolate. Leaves are tender, flexible, pendulous and coppery. The main flowering season is spring. However, flowers can be seen on this tree till autumn. But even in winter they bloom in small numbers. Ashoka flowers bloom from the trunk of the tree. Flowers are small in size but inflorescence is large in size. Ashokamanjari is a cluster of numerous flowers that are mildly scented and attractive in color and texture. The color of fresh flowers is orange, but the color of stale flowers is red. Anthers long. The fruit is a large bean-like flat, thick and light purple color.


 Ashoka is a medium sized evergreen tree. This tree is planted as an ornamental garden enhancer. The bark of this tree is used as dry powder and medicine.

Spiritual resting place:-

 The Ashoka tree is known as a tree of great value in Hinduism. It is used for religious Hindu activities and worship.

For medical purposes:-

 Some parts of Ashoka tree are used in medicine. Some of its parts are used in Ayurvedic medicine, such as in the treatment of obesity, raktashoka and medohara.

Enthusiasm and initiative:-

 Ashoka tree can be an attractive and beautiful tree and is used to plant trees in gardens.


Beneficial for Bones:-

 Ashoka bark is considered very beneficial for bones. In fact, Ashoka tree bark contains medicinal properties like flavonoids, tannins and analgesics, which are essential elements for bones. Its regular use strengthens bones.

Benefits for skin:-

 Ashoka tree bark is also useful in skin problems. Ashoka bark powder mixed with water and consumed. Oily and dull skin problems are also cured and blood is purified.

Eliminates stomach problems:-

 Eating the bark of ashoka tree cures stomach worms Indigestion and constipation problems are also removed.

Seeds and Flowers:-

 The ashoka tree is a prolific fruiting tree and is famous for its flowers and seeds.

Side effects

Blood pressure:-

Ashoka tree can lower blood pressure. So Ashoka tree should not be taken if blood pressure is low.

Digestive problems:-

Ashoka tree can cause digestive problems, such as nausea and diarrhea.