What is thalassemia and why? - GITA
Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. The red blood cells of the patient suffering from this disease are broken and the blood in the patient's body starts to decrease, so the patient is tried to keep the patient's body healthy by giving blood repeatedly throughout his life. This disease is completely hereditary. If both father and mother are carriers of this disease, the child is more likely to develop this disease. Only conscious intelligent people can prevent this disease completely.

So what should we do if we want to be aware, first of all we have to do blood trial before marriage instead of court trial. In short words-
Not before court trial
Blood before judgment.
So what we have to do for blood test- a small blood test before marriage that is (hemoglobin electrophoresis test) or HPLC test to find out whether one is carrier of thalassemia, if one is carrier then he will marry the girl by blood test. Find out if he is a carrier. If it is the carrier then it is the work of a conscious person not to marry the carrier boy with the carrier girl in order to have a healthy child.

Similarly, if one carrier is the carrier and the other is not, do the marriage without fear. There is no harm in the fact that the children born to them can be healthy children or carrier children. But by no means they will be thalassemia patients.

Now see how thalassemia occurs-

As thalassemia is a genetic disease, hemoglobin is responsible for the red color of blood in our body. It requires 2 genes to be formed. If there is any kind of error in those two genes in our body, then healthy hemoglobin cannot be produced. In that case, unhealthy fragile hemoglobin will be produced. Hemoglobin is rapidly broken down resulting in loss of blood in the body. In that case, the patient has to give blood continuously. Those who have defects in both genes are Thalassemia patients. Since this genetic defect is congenital and hereditary, the disease cannot be cured even with treatment.

Thalassemia disease is mainly of three types.

1. major

2. Inter Intermediate

3. minor

According to weak hemoglobin-

Thalassemia beta ( ) ⇒ (major)

Thalassemia-E Beta (E) (Intermediate)

Thalassemia-alpha ( ) (major)

Now let's see what are the symptoms of thalassemia?

Symptoms of thalassemia major are-

Thalassemia major is diagnosed between 6 months and 3 years of age. As it is anemic disease the body becomes pale. The body becomes weak. A flickering sensation can always be observed. Dizziness and slowly increasing stomach swelling. With this, the body begins to weaken.

Then the symptoms of thalassemia intermediate disease are - intermediate thalassemia symptoms appear between the ages of three to four years or sometimes even older. In this disease, the patient has to give blood every 2 months. Sometimes the blood donation time increases. Thalassemia inter mediate disease is not as severe as thalassemia major.

Thalassemia minor is a carrier of thalassemia disease. These carriers have no symptoms. Carriers live in healthy bodies and do not require blood transfusions. They only carry bad genes in their bodies.

B: Marriage of thalassemia carrier with thalassemia carrier is completely prohibited. Again, there is no obstacle in the marriage of healthy people with thalassemia career. And there is no bar in having children.

Treatment of Thalassemia:-

Blood transfusion is the main and first treatment for thalassemia raga.

Constantly donating blood accumulates excessive levels of iron in the body. That iron should be removed from the body. Ferritin testing is required for that. And for that you have to take iron chelator medicine.

Because the spleen has grown too much, it has to be surgically removed.

As it is a blood-borne, genetic disease, there is no cure for the disease. And finally the patient dies.

Modern treatments can be cured by bone marrow or cord blood transplantation, but this has many risks, and many are unwilling to take the risk as it is conditional and expensive. So to get rid of this disease we need to completely stop marriage between carrier or career boy and girl. Experts have opined that it is very possible to get rid of this deadly disease if the marriage is completed after the required blood test.