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Ayurveda combo kit( Arthitis Pain)

Ayurveda combo kit( Arthitis Pain)

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* Arthitis Pain,

* Headache- Migraine,

* Myofascial Pain- Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Tort Collis,

* Pain due to less blood supply in lower or upper limbs (Ischemic Limb Pain),

* Rheumatoid arthitis,

* Body ache,

* Muscular Pain due to sprain,

* Muscle strain,

* Spondylitis of Neck or Back,

It is a pain reliever, primarily used to treat severe pain such as headache, arthritis and body aches, muscle pain due to sprains, muscle strain, neck or back pain & Relieves pain in spondylitis and other related joints.

1) What are the uses of Pain-QR :
useful against the following conditions
all kind of pain relief.

2) How does this product work?
Both these drugs fall under the category of pain relievers.
For example :
First, it selectively inhibits enzyme function in the brain that allows it to treat pain. It activates certain receptors in the brain that inhibit pain signals.

3) Where to use :
Arthitis Pain,Headache- Migraine, Rheumatoid arthitis, Body ache, Muscular Pain due to sprain, Muscle strain,Spondylitis
of Neck or Back etc.

4) What are the dosage instructions :
Ruma-t capsule : 1cap twice daily after meal or as directed by the physician,
Health aim capsule : 1 to 2 capsules twice or thrice a day or as directed by the physician,
Pak rasayan tail : Massage morning and evening,
Gemful capsule : as directed by the physician.

5) Side effects of Pain-QR :
No side effect ayurvedic Product.


Pain Relief Ayurvedic Pain-QR (combo pack):

Arthritis & Body aches,


All kind,s of pain:

muscle pain & knee pain,



(Each cointains extract of)
Aqueous extract of herbs:
Dhaturapata(datura alba)........... .50mh,
Gulancha(tinospora cordifolia).......50mg,
Ashwagandha(withania somnifera)......50mg,
Safed musli(asparags adscendens).....50mg,
Rasun(allium sativum)................50ng,
Kuth(saussurea lappa)................30mg,
Kadam(anthocephalus cadamba).........30mg,
Calcitriol ip........................0.25mcg,
Calcium carbonate ip.................500mg.


Frozen shoulder arthitis,gout,lumbago,sciatica & other related joint pains

Pack Size:

30 to 50 capsule,
Bottles of 200ml tail Packing.

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