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Tara Herbal Perfect Health Capsule Weight gainer (pack of 2)

Tara Herbal Perfect Health Capsule Weight gainer (pack of 2)

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Use For: 

  • An ayurvedic product that is beneficial for liver diseases
  • Helpful for loss of appetite and gastric
  • Keeps your digestive system healthy
  • 100% safe & herbal product
     Ayurvedic Tara Herbal perfect Health Capsule Weight gainer, It reduces excess in the stomach & prevents the reflux of stomach into the food pipe, Also Helps & use Liver Disease, Loss of Appetite, Anorexia, Gastric, Anemia & relief Acidity.

    Ayurvedic Tara Herbal perfect Health Capsule Weight gainer:

    Use For General Weakness , Acidity,

    Health Supplement:

    Loss Of Appetite, Liver Diseases,


    For Each 500 mg Capsule

    Aswagandha.50 mg, Satavar. 50 mg, Gokshua.30 mg, Gulancha. 25 mg, Arjun.12 mg, Anantamul.12 mg,Amlaki.12 mg,Hari Taki.12 mg,Damharidra.10 mg,Jaiphala. 25 mg, Almagupis. 40 mg, Bach. 50 mg, Pipul.12 mg, Kurchi .12 mg

    Others active Ingredients: Banga bhasma.25 mg,Shilajeet. 5 mg,

    Others: Sodium Benzoate.5 mg,

    Dosage :

    1 capsule two times a day after lunch & dinner .

    Pack Size :

    Container of 50 Capsule

    Side Effect :

    No side effects because its ayurvedic.

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