Ayurvedic Best Health Tonic & Capsule For Wight gain, Body weakness

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  • Anorexia
  • Body weakness
  • Immunity booster
  • Loss of appetite

 Boost weight gain & Energy: Reduec Body Weakness and uplifts energy levels naturally. An Ayurvedic natural vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant property. Our health tonic work harmoniously to support your muscle health and It promotes healthy weight gain by improving digestion and nutrient absorption, Immunity Boost, Anorexia muscular strength.

Ayurvedic Best Health Tonic & Best Health Capsule for Immunity booster

General weakness

Health Supplement 

Physical and mental health 

Composition :

Each 5ml.contains aqueous extracts of:Saccarine q.s-0.5mg. Amloki(ambelica officindle)100mg. Haritaki(terminalia chibula)100mg. Bahara(terminalia belerina)100mg. Arjunchall(terminalia arjuna)150mg. Aswagandha(withania somnifera)150mg. Anantamul(hemidesmus indicus)100mg. Haldi(curcuma longa)50mg. Chirata(swertia ghiata)100mg.
Basak(adhatoda vasak)200mg. Rakta chandan(pterocarpur santalinus)150mg. Jatamangshi(nardostachys jatamans)100mg.


Not being hungry, malnourished, increases blood, induces sleep, relieves weakness, stops dizziness head and makes Weight gain, the face beautiful.


1 Capsule Twice Daily Before Meals., 2/3 Teaspoonful In The Morning And In The Before Meal With Water.


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