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Enhance beauty by building a shapely appearance

When the body weight is reduced by 20 percent or more from the normal weight, then that appearance is termed as emaciated or emaciated. This weakness can be understood if we calculate the BMI chart.
These burglars are generally of two types. Those who are naturally sick or diseased do not have any disease in their body. Their muscles are strong. Their ability to work, endurance all become sick. Although their appearance is thin, they do not show any weakness.

Another category is those who are sick and whose body muscles are not well formed. They are always present as manifestations of physical and mental weakness. Indigestion suffers from disease and always persists. This category speaks less or has difficulty speaking and always stutters.
There is a type of disease in this type of body, we call it illness. Again after any other heavy disease, you have to fall into the state of illness. In any case, all these patients need to be cured quickly by treatment.

A person suffering from this disease loses body weight and becomes skeletal in appearance. There is always reluctance to take any food. Aversion to food causes constipation. Many patients experience dizziness or blurred vision. Women's periods decrease. Sexual arousal starts to decrease and it feels like a feeling of discomfort in all areas. People with this sickly appearance are always suffering from indigestion. As a result of this sickly appearance, feverishness is felt. An ailing body can be caused by various reasons, and this condition also occurs after prolonged illness. People who suffer from hemorrhoids have a weak body. Anemia due to excessive menstruation in women also leads to this condition.

People with a sick appearance should rest as much as possible. And at the same time proper food should be given to the weak body. A weak person can be advised to eat fruits, fruit juices, boiled vegetable curries, small fish, salad, rice, bread, curd, as much as possible.

As the best diet for a weak person, milk must be consumed in moderation for weight gain. Because milk is the most delicious drink. The gods of heaven used milk more. This is why milk is called the drink of heaven. We have a saying that rakhis ma dudhevate throughout the year. Only then understand how precious a drink milk is. Milk is the food on which greatest dependence should be placed. So the method of gaining weight by consuming milk is called milk cure. Countless people around the world have improved their health with this milk. And in this agricultural country, milk treatment has been going on since ages. So this milk is a perfect cure for acne and many other ailments.

These two treatments i.e. milk can again cause stomach ailments for many people - in that case chickpeas, butter, whey. Ghee has the same benefits as milk.

In this way, after a few days of milk treatment, normal diet should be started gradually. For example, rice, bread, curry soup should be increased in order. Then take normal food.

Normal food intake should be done only until the stomach gets used to normal food.

Milk is described as Rasayana in Ayurvedic scriptures. The word Rasayana means those who destroy disease and decay. All the vitamins and minerals required by the human body are contained in milk.

The method of taking milk is- First drink warm milk.

Put the glass of milk in a bowl of hot water without burning the milk and warm it a little and drink the milk little by little. Drinking this way is the most delicious. It is necessary to drink equal amount of milk every 2 hours from 6 am to 8 pm. After two or three days, drink milk every 1 hour. After 2/3 days you have to drink milk 30 times every half hour till 8 pm. Thus one should drink six servings of milk a day whether he is hungry or not.

Once, the traveler Swami Vivekananda, after traveling on foot to India, became weaker and weaker as his body broke down. At that time, as advised by Kaviraj, this Dugdhakalpa was completely cured by treatment. Gradually continued this milk treatment seriously.

Ayurvedic Medicine-Yoga Therapy-Naturopathic Treatment Ayurvedic Treatment for Rough Face:

(1) Siddhamkardhvaj- 1 should be taken twice a day with honey morning and evening.

(2) Dasamularistha- is used as a good medicine for this disease. The dosage of this medicine is 4 spoons i.e. 20 ml 2 times a day after meals 4 spoons i.e. 20 ml 2 times a day after meals.

Mritasanjivani Sura: Mritasanjivani Sura is also used as a good medicine for rough complexion. Consuming this medicine increases strength, fire nutrition, semen and Rati Shakti and makes the body strong and well formed. This surah can be taken 10 ml twice a day.

Yoga and pranayama are also prescribed along with medication for the diseased appearance – Vajrasana is a very helpful asana for this disease. Practice 4 to 5 times a day, alternating legs each time. Padmasana is another very helpful asana for this disease. Along with this, develop the habit of simple Pranayana, sitting in Dhyanasana, keeping the spine straight, inhaling slowly through both nostrils and then slowly exhaling through the mouth. Practice this way at intervals of 1 to 3 minutes and you will have a blissful life.

Make a regular diet of seasonal fruits, milk, ghee, chickpeas and grains, you will find the eternal truth of the words "health is wealth".