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High Blood Pressure

 High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a synonym. Because of hypertension or high blood pressure heart failure. The heart is constantly pumping blood through our arteries to all parts of the body. As the blood passes through the arteries, the arteries are also exerting pressure to help the circulation. Many times the elasticity of the arteries deteriorates. Then the heart has to work hard to supply blood, so the heart has to put a lot of pressure. This excess pressure causes high blood pressure or high blood pressure. This high blood pressure disease is created inside the body. At first, not much is understood. The disease is caught suddenly and can make people sick and sometimes even die. It is also called the silent killer because it grows inside and kills people.

In the initial stage of Hyper Tension, there are no symptoms. The symptoms of this disease are understood or detected suddenly. In the early stages of this disease, there is a mild to severe headache or dizziness. In many cases pain is also caused in the neck. At that time, many people mistakenly thought that it was an eye problem, and many people mistakenly thought that it was spondylitis. In fact, neck pain is caused due to high blood pressure. Not sleeping properly at night is also caused by high pressure or hyperpressure. Sudden weakness of the body is also considered as a symptom of high pressure. Symptoms like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, heart failure, sudden bleeding from the nose or bleeding from various organs of the kidney also occur. In most cases it is seen that many people die of heart attack due to high pressure. It is also seen that even if the patient survives after the heart attack, the patient becomes paralyzed. High blood pressure stroke can happen at any time. In many cases, the problem of vision is seen, the possibility of diseases like myocardial infarction is greatly increased.

It is important to know the different types of blood pressure:

We generally consider 120/80 if the systolic pressure is in the range of 120, and the diastolic pressure is in the range of 80 then that person is blessed. We doctors often call it picture pressure. Means so good. People whose blood pressure is always above 150/90 between the ages of 18 and 60 are considered to have hypertension or hypertensive patients. In this case, the symptoms are not noticeable. However, if the systolic pressure rises above 150 and the diastolic pressure rises above 90, the symptoms that have been discussed earlier will be created.

Now the question is whether the accident can happen even if there are no symptoms?

I would say that even if there are no symptoms, any time the pressure becomes high, an accident can occur. A routine blood pressure checkup is essential after the age of eighteen. Pressure is something that builds up inside. And all those patients who have problems such as stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, it is important to have regular blood pressure check-up. However, while doing the treatment, I have seen that even before entering the chamber or as soon as the chamber is entered, the pressure becomes high due to anxiety. After talking with the patient for a while, the blood pressure gradually returned to normal. But the right time to measure the pressure is after a long rest or early in the morning. Also, the average pressure obtained after taking the pressure several times is the correct pressure.

In most cases such as hypertension patients are advised to: 

After determining the correct pressure one should be careful about the risk factors-
• The patient must pay attention to regular bowel movements. So drink 4 to 5 liters of filtered drinking water regularly. Very important. In addition, the habit of eating vegetables should be developed every day.
• Diet is a major factor in patients with hypertension or blood pressure. Their health can be protected by eating as little food as possible, so special attention should be paid to that.
• Hypertensive patients should try to lose weight. Because obesity is a major cause of hypertensive patients. For that reason, the consumption of rice, sugar or sugary foods should be gradually reduced.
• Too much fat or oily food should be gradually reduced because it accumulates a type of substance called cholesterol on the arteries which is very harmful for patients with high blood pressure. Cholesterol increases rapidly in these oily or fatty foods.
• Blood pressure also increases during digestion. That's why you should always eat on an empty stomach. Blood pressure will not increase in any way.
• The habit of tea, coffee, cigarettes or smoking must be completely abandoned. This is because these substances distort the arteries causing blood flow to be obstructed and pressure to rise at a rapid rate.
• Alcohol is another contributor to high blood pressure. Because alcohol increases obesity at a faster rate. Pressure is strongly linked to obesity. Therefore, alcohol should be completely avoided in order not to increase blood pressure.
• My advice to those who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or long-term blood pressure patients is to develop a regular walking habit. Along with this, start yoga as per the advice of the right doctor, there is no doubt that the blood pressure will definitely be under control.

• As mentioned earlier, the diet of blood pressure patients is a matter of control Along with this, another food item or pressure increases quickly, that is salt. 

In general, patients should avoid salty foods or salt intake. 4 to 5 grams of salt per day is enough for our body. But in this way it is not possible for us to eat salt daily. So everyone should completely avoid eating raw salt. The salt used in cooked curries is sufficient.

• People who do not exercise or are averse to physical activity tend to become obese or overweight. And due to this obesity, the pressure increases. Therefore, regular yoga practice must be made a habit by learning yoga.
 * Also pressure is hereditary and many have the potential. Ayurveda Yoga and naturopathy are prescribed to eliminate high blood pressure disease, which can be cured if proper medicine and yoga are used.


 The key to treating blood pressure is to make it a habit to eat as little food as possible. The more dry the body is in this disease, the less weight the blood pressure patient will be. You have to stop eating too much rice, bread, sugar, salt, sweets as much as possible or eat less. Fruits and vegetables should be kept more in the food list.

Spicy food should be completely avoided in blood pressure.

It has been said earlier that salt or salted food should be avoided. Because excess salt increases blood pressure by retaining water in the body. Many experiments have shown that the problem of blood pressure is completely reduced by stopping salt. It has also been seen that the blood pressure of residents living in salty climates by the sea is always a little higher. Blood pressure becomes normal after moving away from that area. That's why the rising blood pressure of the seashore residents can never be treated as a patient.

According to Ayurveda in blood pressure, 1 spoonful of Sarpagandha powder 2 times a day

If taken then the pressure must be under control. Besides, if you take 1 teaspoon of jatamansichurna at night, your sleep will be better and your blood pressure will be under control.
The juice of the leaves of the sajna tree, the juice of the stem helps to control the disease in patients with high blood pressure or high blood pressure.

In this disease, various yogas can be used to stay healthy-

In earlier days sages used to overcome all these diseases with yoga. If we take the help of yoga in this age then we will be able to recover faster and lead a smooth life.
Vajrasana is considered as the seat that helps in hypertension, this

Just as the asana habit helps in reducing fat, it also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Bhujangasana also reduces high blood pressure quickly in this asana practice.
Matsasana- In this asana practice blood pressure gradually decreases. If this asana is practiced regularly as per the advice of a yoga doctor then you will be able to overcome this disease very soon.

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