Some methods of headache relief - GITA

 For any reason, headaches or head pains are triggered due to the accumulation of contaminated mucus blocking the airways and obstructing the flow of air. Also, due to external or pathological causes, there is a headache. This pain is not only always concentrated in the head, but often spreads to the eyes and nose. This disease will be alleviated by Kaviraj Yoga treatment.


(1) Botphal Yoga: Powdered powder of Botphal will liquefy the phlegm sitting on the head and frequent sneezing will expel liquid mucus. Headaches will also end.

(2) Nisindayoga: Due to cold, nose is blocked, along with headache. Veins on both sides of the head are often swollen and throbbing. This pain gradually increased. In this case, dry Nisinda leaves and make it like a pillow and put it on the head will give quick relief.

(3) Kaljire Yoga: In the first stage of cold i.e. raw cold, if there is pain in the head, blackjire should be made into a rag. It should be held in front of the nose and sniffed. Its smell will cure headache.

(4) Muchkund yoga: When mucus accumulates in the brain, the air is blocked and there is pain in the head. In this case, muchkund flowers mixed with sugar mixed with water will reduce the pain. Applying this flower paste on the forehead will give quick results.

(5) Nagdamani Yoga: If urine is reduced along with headache, it should be understood that the headache is creamy. In this case, the juice should be crushed with the leaves and young stalks of nag donar. It should be at least thirty drops. The juice should be mixed with half a cup of water and consumed for a few days. This will reduce the creaminess and cure the headache.

(6) Mahua Yoga: Whatever the cause of headache, mahua seed oil massaged on the forehead and two nerves will relieve the pain.

(7) Champak Yoga: This yoga is especially beneficial if you suffer from headache for a long time due to wind and phlegm. In this case, finely crushed sesame oil should be mixed with pressed flowers and gently massaged on the forehead. This will relieve the pain. Even after that, if you use it for a few days, the disease will be cured.

(8) Segun Yoga: Dental or eye diseases can also cause headache. In fact, it happens only when the speed of air and blood increases. Whatever the cause, the pain is sometimes so intense that you want to bang your head against the wall. In this case, the pain will be reduced if teak wood powder is applied to the forehead like sandalwood with water.

(9) Badar yoga: Sudden onset of fever, for some reason too much sun, heat of fire, such foreign causes cause pain in the head.
In this case, if the cool leaves and young tips are coated with beet, this pain will be relieved.

 Nowadays people buy tablets to get quick relief from such headaches. Although the symptoms are temporarily relieved, the body is damaged due to the side effects of chemical drugs, and the possibility of other diseases is facilitated.

(10) Bakul Yoga: Due to Kapha, i.e. if you have a cold and occasional pain in the head, you should mix as much powder of Bakul flower as you need with the powder of Fatkiri. It should be used as a snack. When there is pain in the head, if you use it once or twice, the pain will be cured.

(11) Eranda Yoga: Boil five-six grams of its green leaves in water and strain the water to reduce headache and pain.

(12) Raktchandana yoga: If there is no specific cause of headache, i.e. if it is due to external causes, rubbing Raktachandan on the forehead will reduce it.

(13) Clove Yoga: Due to some special reason, there is pain in the head due to increased mucus and exposure to smoke, sun, cold. In this case clove powder should be taken twice a day with warm water in sigram dose. If necessary, it should be taken three times.

(14) Cinnamon Yoga: If there is bile-mucous fever or even before the fever, there is pain in the head. Such headaches are usually more common in autumn and winter. In this case cinnamon powder should be taken in siki gram dose with water twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

With this, grind this powder very finely and take it twice. This will relieve the headache.