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As-Fit Powder (pack of 40)

As-Fit Powder (pack of 40)

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If You Suffering From Asthma, Cold and Cough Then This Gopal Herbals As-Fit Powder is Perfect For You. As-Fit Powder is An Ayurvedic Powder For Asthma, Cold and Cough. After using this powder you feel much relax and free from breathing ang cough ting problems. Ayurvedic As-Fit Powder useful in Asthma and ailments related to cough, Bronchitis and issues of respiration

Ayurvedic As-Fit Powder:

Cough & Cold Relief



(for each gram contains)

Vasa.100mg,Tulsi.100mg,Yastimadhu.100mg,Kantkari.100mg,Shunthi.100mg,Pipali.30mg,Kali Mirch.30mg,Nausadar.20mg.Apamarg.60mg,Choto Elaichi.100mg,Talispatra.100mg.


Asthma, Cough and Cold


Direction For Use :

As- Fit Powder 1 Pouch Morning & Evening daily after meals or as directed by the physician


Pack Size :

Pack of 40 Pouch


Side Effect :

No Side Effect

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