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Ayurvedic BEBON syrup 450m.l.

Ayurvedic BEBON syrup 450m.l.

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Bebon Syrup is Eevryone's 1st choice  with vitamins, protein, calcium, minerals with zinc for all and appetite suppressants, general weakness, immune boosters,  during and after acute and  illness, general weakness, and physical Weakness,good health & Good result for strengths and weaknesses,  energy level increase in Ayurvedic medicine for healthty life & Best protein syrup for health supplement

Eevryone's 1st choice vitamin in Ayurvedic medicine Bebon syrup for healthty life with good health & Best protein syrup for health supplement, Good result for strengths and weaknesses

General weakness


Health Supplement

Increase stamina, Immunity



Each 5m.l Contains:

ASWAGANDHA(Withania Somnifera) 500 m.g,  YASTIMADHU(Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Stem 300 m.g, BHUIKUMRO(Pueraria ) Tub.rt 250 m.g,  TALMULI (Curculigo Orchioides) Rz 150 m.g, ANANTAMUL(Hemidesmus Indicus) Rt 200 m.g, SATAMULI(Asparagus Recemosus) Rt 75 m.g, DADIMA(Punica Granatum) Ft 150 m.g, SUKSMALIA(Elettaria Cardamomum) Ft 75 m.g, PRIYANGU(Callicarpa Macrophylla) 100m.g,DRAKSHA(Vitis Vinifera) Ft 150 m.g,

Others:Aspartme 500 m.g, Sorbitol 1 m.l, Xanthun gum 15 m.g

Preservative:Sodium Benzoate IP 17 m.g, Sodium Methyl Paraben IP5 m.g,  Sodium Propyl Paraben IP 0.8 m.g

Colour:Caramel 0.03 m.l

Flavour:Mango 0.0125 m.l

Purified Water Q.s to 5 m.l



Loss of Appetite, General weakness, Immunity booster, Vitamin Supplement during & after acute & illness, general debility, & physical weakness, boost stamina, enhance energy level


Direction For Use :

10m.l twice daily after meal or directed b the physician


Side Effect:

No side effect an Ayurvedic proprietary Medicine

Pack Size: 450 m.l.

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