Ayurvedic Cherry Up Syrup (450 M.L) (pack of 2)

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Multivitamin Cherry Up enhances the general health of the body It is a nourishing and restorative simple complete Ayurvedic product that helps nourish our body. And, lack of energy, weight loss, insomnia, increases immunity, general weakness, loss of physical strength, loss of appetite,proper regeneration and antioxidants, useful after  drug therapy.

Multivitamin Cherry Up Syrup :

Physical strength

Health Supplement:

Loss of Appetite, General Debility


Each 5 m.l. Contains:
Water Extract of

Aswagandha(Withania somnifera) 500 m.g,Barela(Sida rhombifolia) Root300 m.g, Draksha(Vitis vinifera)-300 m.g, Suksmalia (Elettaria cardamomum)
100 m.g.Taimuli(Curculigo orchioides) Rhizome200 m.g,Bramhi(Bacopa monnieri) Whole plant 50 m.g, Gulancha (Tinospora cordifolia).Stem50 m.g, Priyangu
(Callicarpa macrophyla) Inflorescence50 m.g, Nishinda(Vitex negundo) Leaf50 m.g,Jaiphal (Croton tiglium) Seed100 m.g, Dadima(Punica granatum) Bark100
m.g, Jav(Hordeum vulgare) 100 m.g.

Other Additives

Aspartame 500m.g, Xanthun Gum15m.g.


Sodium Benzoate17m.g, Sodium Methyl Paraben 5m.g, Sodium Propyl Paraben 0.8m.g Colour (Caramel)0.03 m.l, Flavor (Mango)0.0125 m.l, Purified Water q.s.to5m.l.


Boosts up immunity, General Debility. Loss of Physical strength, Loss of Appetite, Proper Rejuvenate and Antioxidant, Useful after long term drug therapy.

Direction for use:

As directed by the Physician.

Pack Size:

450 m.l.

Side effect:

No side effect ayurvedic proprietary medicine.


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