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Herbo Gold Powder & Vital Strong Capsule(Combo Pack)

Herbo Gold Powder & Vital Strong Capsule(Combo Pack)

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Ayurvedic Vital Strong Capsules and Harbo Gold Powder Reduces general weakness, physical stress, anxiety, signs of premature aging, loss of strength and endurance in all stressful and stressful situations, regeneration of organ systems,depression,  weakness.

Vital Strong capsules & Herbo Gold powder for health:

vigour & vaitality,

Men,s Health:

Physical stress & Anxiety,


Herbo Gold Powder:

Each 5 gms.contains powder of:

Aswagandha(withania somnifera)500m.g,
Arjun chal(terminala arjuna)500m.g,
Anantamul(hemidesmus indicus)500m.g,
Satamuli(asperagus racemosus)500m.g,
Alkushi(mucuna prurita)500m.m.)250m.g,

0ther additives:


Sodium benzoate ip 0.2%

Vital strong capsule:

Eash 500m.g capsule contains dry extract of:
Withania somnifera(aswagandha)rt.40m.g,
Asphaltum(silajit purified)75m.g,
Strichonus nuxvomica(kuchla)sd.10m.g.


Herbo Gold Powder:
In all stress & straned conditions rejuvenation of the organ system,depression, weakness.

vital strong capsule:
general weakness,physical stress,anxiety,premature ageing symptoms,loss of vigour and stamina.


Herbo Gold Powder:
As directed by the physician.

vital strong capsule:
1 to 2 capsule twice a with milk/water day or as directed by the physician.

Side Effect:

No side effect ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

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