Ayurvedic Liv-N-Zyme Syrup for Liver Protection & Health-Aim Capsule ( Combo )

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  • Protects liver against hepatotoxins
  • Improves appetite and metabolic activities
  • Effects easy and regular bowel movement
  • Prevents hepatic degeneration.
  • gastrointestinal disease
  • digestive enzyme

Ayurvedic Liv-N-Zyme Syrup for Liver Protection & Digestive Health it liver support, helping to protect, hepatitis, signs of liver damage and nourish your liver for optimal function. In addition to its action on the liver it also is an effective digestive enzyme. It cures cronic dyspepsia, Indigestion, acidity, flatulence, heartburn & anorexia. and Health aim capsule best multivitamin capsules, weight gain ,immunity boosts in India For Loss Of Appetite male & Female off all age which improve physical strength. Health-Aim Capsule for immunity boosts

Ayurvedic Liv-N-Zyme Syrup for Liver Protection & 

Health And Health-Aim Capsule for 


Protects liver against hepatotoxins

Health Care

Loss Of Appetite, dyspepsia


Amlakimg 50mg, haritaki 50mg, mutha50mg, teudi 50mg, ajwain 25mg, kalmegh 25, rohitaka 100mg,bhui amla 50mg, sunth 50mg, papaya 50mg.


Indigestion, acidity, flatulence, hepatitis, protection of liver


Adults : 10 ml twice daily before meal

Children : 5 ml twice daily before meal

Infants : 2.5 twice daily before meal

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