Ayurvedic Nasha Mukti Special Powder

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Herbal Nasha Mukti Special Powder For Way To quit Alcohol and nicotine addiction The medicine is safe and has no side effects. It is a combination of many herbs. It is available in powder form. It can be given with or without the addict's knowledge by mixing it with any veg or non-veg food without changing the color or taste of that food. The herbal powder can be sprinkled on cooked food, mixed with veg and non-veg curries,  juice, paran, curd, dal, omelette etc. If you want to take the medicine by yourself, you can take it with water. . Results can be seen within 15-20 days as the desire for alcohol decreases. The medicine should be continued for 5-6 months. This medicine covers the  symptoms to an extent. It helps improve liver function and detoxify the body. The drug has no side effects and requires no dietary restrictions. This Ayurvedic medicine is safe to use for diabetes and blood pressure patients and even for heart disease patients.

Herbal Nasha Mukti Special Powder For Way To quit Alcohol and nicotine addiction  :

 Useful in The Drug Pardath Bidi Helps to Eliminate Tobacco Alcohol.


Each 5 gm Contains: Gumar Pata 0.275 gm, Kaladana/Neel 0.200 gm, Upodika/Puin Shak 0.675 gm, Mutha/Sukandak 0.200 gm, Sura/Woa 0.200 gm, Drakha/Kismis 0.775 gm, Matulunga/Taba Laboo 0.200 mg, Punamaba 0.475 gm.

Aqueous Extract of: Gumar Pata-rub 0.200 gm, Kaladana/Neel 0.125 gm, Upodika/Puin Shak 0.450 gm, Mutha/Sukandak 0.125 gm, Sura/Woa 0.150 gm, Drakha/Kismis 0.500 gm, Matulunga/Taba Laboo 0.125 mg, Punamaba 0.325 gm.

Other Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate 5 gm, Guma Acacia 0.480 gm, Talc 0.480 gm.

Preseravative: Sodium Benzoate 0.070 gm.




Nasha Mukti Special 1 teaspoonful twice daily with sabji or water at morning & evening.


Nasha Mukti Special Use for both as same or as directed by the physician only.

Pack Size:

Container of 30 Gm Packing.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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