Ayurvedic Pet Saffa 120gm (pack of 3)

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    • Acidity
    • Instant relief from acidity
    • Heartburn and gas
    • Gastric     
    • Constipation

Pet Saffa Natural laxative Granules Is Very Effective In Relieving From Constipation And Associated Gastro-Intestinal Discomforts. It Contains 11 Herbs, Which Helps To Pacify All Doshas In The Body Thus Improving Metabolism Processes In The Gut Eventually Warding Off Constipation. And Effective Relief From Constipation, Acidity, Gastric

Ayurvedic Pet Saffa Natural laxative Granules:

Heartburn And Gas, Gastric

Health Supplement:

Relief From Constipation,  Acidity , Gastric


Each 100g Contains Herbs Powder Of:
Cassia Angustifolia (50.60% W/W), Salt(11.00% W/W), Trachyspermumammi(10.08% W/W), Terminalia Chebula (10.08% W/W),
Operculina Turpethum (5.05% W/W), Sodium Bicarbonate (4.85% W/W),
Rock Salt (3.84% W/W), Foeniculum Vulgare(1.80% W/W),Terminalia Belerica  (1.00% W/W), Emblica Officinalis(1.00% W/W),Ricinus Communis (0.33% W/W), Piper Longum ( 0.1% W/W), Piper Nigrum( 0.1% W/W), Zingiber Officinale(0.1% W/W), Cassia Fistula (0.1% W/W), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (0.1% W/W),


Helpful In Virechak, Agni Deepak, Paachak, Vibandha.

1 To 1 1/2 Tea-Spoon (3g To 6g) With Warm Water (Approx. 200ml) At Bed Time Or As Directed By The Physician.

Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Store in a cool & dry place.

Keep out of reach of Children.

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