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Ayurvedic Polyvit Syrup & Health Aim Capsule (Combo)

Ayurvedic Polyvit Syrup & Health Aim Capsule (Combo)

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Polyvit vitamin syrup for weight gain, Minerals , improves appetite & Health-Aim for for General weakness best nutrition vitamin supplements immunity booster capsules  this Combo Helps improve the overall health body Ayurvedic medicine which Improves the Energy Booster, It is a herbal supplement that helps improve overall health May help you live longer

Polyvit vitamin syrup for weight gain & Health-Aim capsule for General weakness Best nutrition vitamin supplements immunity booster capsules

Strain & Stress,

Vitamin Supplement

Anemia during and lactation,


Composition :

Polyvit Syrup: Each 5ml. Contains water extract of:
Aswagandha (Withania Somnifera)500mg, Berela (Sida Rhombifoli)300mg,Draksha(VitisVinifera)300mg,Suksmaila (Elachi)(Elettaria cardamomum) 100mg,Talamuli(Curculigo orchioides) 200mg, Bramhi (Bacopa monnieri)50mg,

Health Aim Capsule:  Aswagandha (Withania Somnifera) 70 mg, Bhuikumra (Ipomoea paniculata)40 mg, Kur (Saussurea Lappa) 60 mg, Bamunhati (Clerodendrum Serratum)50gm, Jatamanshi (Nardostachys Jatamanshi )50gm,



Polyvit Syrup : Anorexia, Nutritional Deficiency, Anemia during and Lactation, Mental and physical stress & Strain, Loss of Weight, Nervous Debility & Other rundown conditions, General Weakness, Pellagra , Convalescence.

Health Aim Capsule : For good health and well being. It helps to recover from physical stamina, Supports muscles, Boosts immunity, Strengthens bones.


Polyvit Syrup : Adult : Two Teaspoonful twice daily after meals, Children: 1-2
teaspoonful twice daily after meals.or as advised by the physician.

Health Aim Capsule : 1capsule to be taken after each meal or as directed by the Physician.


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