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Ayurvedic Respiron Cough Syrup (pack of 3)

Ayurvedic Respiron Cough Syrup (pack of 3)

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Ayurvedic Respiron Cough Syrup relieves cough by loosening thick mucus and it easier to cough up. This makes it easier for air to move through your airways. Reduces the frequency of coughing and makes you feel better. Also relieves allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose or sore throat. Along with medication, drink plenty of lukewarm water and gargle with warm salt water to ease symptoms. It is used in the management of  cough associated with asthma, acute and bronchitis and bronchospasm, mucus plugging and other bronchopulmonary disorders associated with phlegm.

Respiron Ayurveda Cough Syrup :

 For asthmatic cough and bronchial,

Health supplement :

Remedy for cough.


TULASI(ocimum sanctum)100mg,
VASAK(adhatoda vasica)300mg,
PIPALI(piper longum)50mg,
JASTIMADHU(glycyrrhiza glabra)50mg,
KAKRASHRINGI(pistacia chinensis)100mg,
SUNTHI(zingibar officinale)100mg,
KANTIKARI(solanum surattense)50mg,
BAMUNHATI(elerdendron serratum),


It helps to get relief from & non- cough.
It acts against cough due to tonsillitis & bronchitis.
It is effective in case of asthmatic cough and bronchial asthma.
It provides relief from throat irritation.
It helps to treat cough due to allergy.

Description :
It is 100 % natural and effective ayurvedic remedy for cough.
Totally chemical-free, natural and safe.
Combination of pure herbs and plant extracts.
Refined by HERBS N DRUGS to think about your health to provide genuine & best quality product.
USAGE: Don’t drink water up to 30 Minutes after taking the medicine.

Adult: Two teaspoonful thrice daily or as directed by the physician.
Child: One teaspoonful twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Totally chemical-free, natural and 100 % safe.
SIZE: 60 ml,100 ml, 450 ml.

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