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Ayurvedic Shilajit Malt 400gm (pack of 2)

Ayurvedic Shilajit Malt 400gm (pack of 2)

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Shilajit Malt It improves your immunity and memory, it helps in boosting strength and stamina, It not only helps in improving levels but also promotes overall  wellness, It helps in improving cognitive functions and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease, this  product helps you overcome muscle and nervous tension, increases endurance, strength, and power, Energy Booster, eliminates general weakness.

Tara Herbal Shilajit Malt :

General Weakness, Loss Of Appetite

Health Supplement:

Nutritional Deficiency, Energy Booster,


Each 10 ml. Contains:
Shilajit Ext. 20 mg.
Shatvari (Asparagus racemosus) 100 mg.
Amla (Emblica officinalis) 100 mg.
Aswagandha (Withnia somnifera) 100 mg.
Draksa (Vitis vinifera) 50 mg.
Kharak ((Phoenix sylvestris) 50 mg.
Kaunch Beej (Mucuna pruriens) 50 mg.
Sugar Syrup Base 50 mg. Q.S.


Highly Energetic Anti- Ageing Formula Nutritional Deficiency, General Weakness, Loss Of Appetite, Energy Booster, Stamina.


2 TO 3 TSF every night

CAUTION: To be taken under medical supervision.

Permitted Colour, Flavours are used. Shake well before use
Store in a Cool, Dark & Dry place.


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