Super Health Tonic & Health Plus+ Capsule(combo).

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Ayurvedic super health tonic and Health Plus capsule are the best weight gain capsule. And it is a healthy capsule for everyone in the family that the doctor advises, Health Plus Capsules-for Weight Gain, Muscle, Digestive, Body Building, General Weakness, power Enhances body strength Muscle Wasting Liver Or Digestive disorder Loss Of Appetite General Health tonic for the of Weakness, Improves Immunity Power, Anaemia Problem, Disturbed sleep Weak Digestion, Improve memory illness & energy. Super Health Tonic increase haemoglobin in body to improve strength. This Tonic Also Support health immune system function. Ayurvedic Super Health Tonic Increasing immunity power

Super Health Tonic & Health Plus+ Capsule For Family Health :

General health tonic & weight gainer capsule


Health Supplement :

Body building ,improves immunity power


Composition :

Each 5 ml. contains ,water extracts of :

Aswagandha  (withania somnifera)80mg,jatamanshi(nardostachya jatamanshi)50mg,yastimadhu(glycyrrhiza glabra)50mg,
anantamul(hemidesmus indicus)50mg,gokhura(tribulus terretris)30mg,satabari(asparagus racemosus)30mg,daruchini(cinnamomum zeylannica blune)30mg,arjuna(terminalia arjuna)30mg,guduchi(tinospora cordifolia wild)30mg,amlaki(emblica officinalis)30mg,brahmi(bacopa monnien)30mg,
heading 5: INDICATION :improves immunity power, reduces weakness,enhances body strength, body building ,general weakness ,weight gain ,muscle activation ,digestive power increase, improves immunity power ,reduces weakness, enhances body strength

Dosage :

Super Health Tonic :

Adult : 2-3 t.s.f.3times a day after meal,
Child : 1/2 of the adult dose or as directed by the physician.

Health plus+ capsule :1 capsule twice a day or directed by the physician.

SIDE EFFECT: No side effect.

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