Ayurvedic Triphala Juice & Health Aim Capsule for Weight loss juice

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Benefits of Triphala 

  • Weight loss:
  • Eyes:
  • Hair problems:
  • Stomach problems:
  • Periodontitis:
  • Antibacterial:

Health benefits of triphala :

Triphala is primarily described in Ayurveda as a rejuvenating herb but is also used to treat a number of other ailments. In fact, in Ayurveda it is said that Triphala takes care of us like a mother. One may wonder if there is such greatness in its process? Let us explore some of the health benefits of Triphala.

Weight loss:

Various clinical studies have shown that consumption of triphala helps in weight loss. Those given triphala, rather than controls, were found to have greater weight loss and significantly reduced waist and hip circumferences.


Triphala is used in making Ayurvedic mixture to control cataract and glaucoma. Clinical studies prove the anti-cataract and vision-improving benefits of this herb.

Hair problems:

Triphala is known for its hair protecting properties and generally helps prevent premature graying of hair. Reduces the problem of hair loss and provides the desired nutrients to the scalp with moderate use.

Stomach problems:

Abdominal distention, constipation, bloating and irregular arms are the main abdominal problems identified. Studies have shown that including triphala in the diet can treat common digestive problems and flush out excess toxins from the body.


Triphala is used against gum problems, periodontitis and other oral problems for its antimicrobial activity. When used as a mouthwash with chlorhexidine, it prevents plaque build-up and maintains oral health.


Triphala is used as an anti-infective agent in various treatments and this use is recognized in research. Not only that, Escherichia coli. It is also effective against Salmonella typhi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio cholerae.

Ayurvedic Triphala Juice & Health Aim Capsule :

Health Supplement


Each 5ml Contains :


Preservative :

Sodium Benzoate IP....0.0125mg
Purified Water................q.s to 5m


Health Aim Capsule :

Each 500gm. Capsule contains:
Aswagandha... 70m.g. A.S, Bhulkumra ... 40m.g. A.S, Kur ... 60 m.g. A.S,Bamunhati... 50m.g. A.S, Jatamanshi ... 50 m.g. A.S, Chitamool ... 40 m.g. A.S, Daruharidra ...40m.g. A.s, Sankhapuspi ... 40 m.g. A.S, Dhaiphool ... 50 m.g. A.S, Vidanga ...50 m.g. A.S.
Sodium Benzoate .. 10 m.g. I.P. (2010).


Immunity Booster, Antioxidant, Energy Booster, Anti ageing property, Healthy weight management, Improving physical endurance, Reduce scalp, Improve heart health, Reduce stress, Reducing high blood pressure


Health Aim Capsule:

1 capsule to be taken after each. meal or as directed by the Physician.

Side Effect : No Side Effect.

Shake the bottle before use.
Store in cool & dark place




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