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Biswas Smart Look Capsule

Biswas Smart Look Capsule

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Obesity management including weight loss & weight maintenance BISWAS SMART LOOK is a 100% natural & ayurvedic supplement that assists in general weight loss. While other weight loss medicines might have several side effects. BISWAS SMART LOOK is one the ayurvedic supplants in India which is made from all herbal ingredient which are know to have no negative side effects. BISWAS SMART LOOK contains clinically tested ingredient that helps losing weight which is otherwise not possible by exercise or dieting alone .BISWAS SMART LOOK'S formula is designed to be a complete and balanced slimming solution, and takes care of the 4 main areas of weight loss

Ayurvedic SMART LOOK capsule balanced slimming solution :

weight loss  and belly fat,

Weight maintenance:

Slim body,


Each capsule contains:

Powder of:

Guggulu (Purified)

(Commiphora mukul)Exudate 100 m.g  A.S.Pippali(Piper  longum)  Fr. 50 m.g    A.S.

Marica (Piper nigrum) Fr. 50 m.g    A.S.Sunthi (Zingiber officinale) Rz. 50 m.g.A.S.

Chai (Piper retrofractum)Stem ,Chitamul (Plumbago zeylanica)Rt. 50 m.g     A.S.

Jeera (Cuminum Cyminum) Ripe  Fr.   48 m.g    A.S.Gulancha (Tinospora cordifolia)Stem. 50 m.g A.S.Sodhit Shilajeet (Bitumen)40 m.g    A.S.Rasasindura(Red Sulphide of Mercure) 10 m.g    A.S.

Additive Agent:

Sodium Benzoate(Preservative) 2m.g. IP



Obesity management including weight loss & weight maintenance



Adult: 1-2 capsule after meal twice a day or as directed by the Physician


Pack Size:

Container of 50 CAP Packing.

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Keep in a Cool, Dry & Dark Place.

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