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Vibel Capsule (Pack Of 3)

Vibel Capsule (Pack Of 3)

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Vibel Capsule has all the quintessential vitamins and minerals that you want in one tablet so that you don’t have to fear about taking a couple of dietary supplements or tablets. These drugs additionally assist to preserve your strength up in the course of the day. Helps in maintaining your thought alert and boosts your concentration. All the vitamins in one  assist your physique to keep its immunity. Helps in the upkeep of ordinary vision, immunity, bone & tooth health. Helps in the ordinary functioning of the apprehensive system, as properly as Folic acid helps in everyday blood formation. Can additionally assist with intellectual attention and stress relief

Ayurvedic Vibel Capsule For Daily Health:

Immunity, Stamina


Health Supplement :

Energy, healthcare, Multivitamin



Each Soft Gelatin Capsule Contain (Approx)
Energy Value
Carbohydrate.0.062g, Sugar. 0.004g, Dietary Fibre .0.000g, Protein.0.369g, Sodium Content .0.004mg.
Essential Vitamins:
Vitamin A (As Palmitate) 1600IU,Vitamin E Acetate.1mg,Vitamin D3.100IU,
Vitamin B1.1mg,Vitamin B2 .1mg,Vitamin B6 .0.5mg,Vitamin B12. 0.5mcg,Vitamin C.2.5mg,Folic Acid.50mcg,Calcium Pantothenate .1mg, Nicotinamide.15mg.

Usage :

1 or 2 Capsules A Day Or As Directed By Health Professional


Side  Effect : No Side Effect ayurvedic proprietary medicine.

pack size : 10capsule

  Mfg by : Vidit HealthCare 


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