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Eucon's ATX-Xtra Powder (100g ).

Eucon's ATX-Xtra Powder (100g ).

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  • Useful In  Vitality and Stamina.
  • Controls premature ejaculation.
  • Keep the emotional stability.
  • Strengthen nervine weakness.
  • Control erectile dysfunction.

ATX xtra Powder for men, is a highly effective for the man who is suffering f physical weakness & mental stress or ageing symptoms, It is a superior ayurvedic medicine for improving stimulation and strong erection in penis to allow successful. It helps to old age men to get maximum enjoyment by improving efficiency.

ATX xtra Powder for men :

For Erectile Dysfunction,


Men's health care :

For Vitality,



Each 5 gm contains drier Herbs powder of: Gokhur 1000 m.g, Kulekhara Beej 500 m.g, Satamuli 500 m.g, Gulancha 500 m.g, Jaiphal 25 m.g, Mouri 250 m.g, Jastimadhu 60 m.g, Lavanga 25 m.g, Tejpata 250 m.g, Ajwan 200 m.g, Chitamul 500 m.g, Amlaki 300 m.g, Haritaki 300 m.g, Talmuli 300 m.g, Saindab Lavan 250 m.g, Sodium Saccharin 10 m.g, Sodium Benzoate 30 m.g,



ATX Powder Useful In Vigour Vitality and Stamina,



ATX Powder 2-3 teaspoonful powder to take with water or milk at bed time or as directed by the physician,


Pack Size : Container of 100 Gm Packing,


Side Effect : No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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