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Him Shital Tail (Pack of 3)

Him Shital Tail (Pack of 3)

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Him Shital Tail Effective relief from Emotional stress and tension, Headache and Migraine, Insomnia, Body aches and sore throats, Sculp disease such as itching and dandruff, Burns and cut, Sprains and muscle aches

Headache & Migraine Pain Relief Him Shitol Tail :

Tension free life 


Paine Relief Tail :

Sleeplesness & Body pain



Each 5 ml Contains: Amlaki 140 mg, Ritha 140 mg, Jatamashi 30 mg, Nata Karanja 30 mg, Satapatrika 30 mg.

Others Ingredient: Menthol 107 mg, Camphor 42 mg, Til Tail 1.40 ml.

Preservative: B.H.T- 0.15 mg.

Colour: Green Q.S.

Perfume: Jasmine 0.01 ml.

Base: Light Liquid Parafin Q.S. to 5 ml.


Indication :

Him Shital Tail Relief from Headache,Body pain, sound sleep and for relief Hyper tension


Usage :

As directed by the physician


Pack Size :

Bottles of 100+20=120 ml Packing


Side Effect :
No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.


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