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NURO-T CAPSULE (pack of 3)

NURO-T CAPSULE (pack of 3)

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Ayurvedic NURO-T Capsule Useful for brain nervous system, and central nervous system ,nervous system ,nervous system function ,human nervous system, brain nervous system ,central nervous system 

NURO-T Capsule :

NURO-T Capsule Brain Focus Support Dietary Supplement



Each Capsule Contains Powders of: Mutha 50 mg, Yamani 25 mg, Banslochan 50 mg, Teuri 25 mg, Chitamul 50 mg, Aswagandha 50 mg, Sunth 50 mg, Jatamansi 50 mg, Kur 50 mg, Sankhapuspi 48 mg, Brahmi 50 mg.


Sodium Benzoate 2 mg.


Talc-As Excipients 500 mg.



NURO-T Capsule Useful in improved nervine systems



1 Capsule twice daily or as directed by the physician


Pack Size:

Container of 50 capsule


Side Effect:

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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