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Herbal Cough Remedy Vasak Tulsi Syrup

Herbal Cough Remedy Vasak Tulsi Syrup

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It is an ayurvedic syrup made from whole honey and vasak tulsi leaf juice which is effective in relieving colds and coughs, vasak tulsi syrup soothes bronchitis and raises body temperature ,And helps relieve sore throat, cough and runny nose, phlegm, cough.

Ayurvedic Vasak Tulsi Syrup Herbal Cough Remedy For Faster Relief & Without Drowsiness:

Cough and sore throats


Cough Relief:

colds and coughs, cough relie



For each 5ml for herbs used for

Aquoeus extract:

Tulshi(ocimum sanctum)100m.g,                                                                                          

Vasak (Adhatoda vasica) Lf.100 m.g  A.S.Yastimadhu(Glycyrrhiza glabra) Stem.50 m.g  A.S.Karkatasrngi(Pistacia integerrima) Gall .50 m.g  A.S.Tejpatra(Cinnamomum tamala) Lf.25 m.g  A.S.Sunth (Zingiber officinale) Rz.50 m.g  A.S.Pipul/Piper longum) Fr. 25 m.g  A.s.

Other active ingredients : Madhu (Honey)200 m.g A.S.

Additives :Sugar (Sarkara)500 m.g A.S. Nisadal (Ammonium Chloride)10m.g IP. Menthol .5m.g LP.

Base : Purified Water.QS. to 5ml IP.

Preservative : Sodium Benzoate .25m.g IP.


Caramel (as colouring agent)Q.S. PFA.

Pippermint (as flavouring agent) 0.02 ml PFA.



Cough & Cold.


Adult : 2-3 t.s.f. 3 times a day

Child : 1/2 of adult dosage or as directed by the physician.


Side effect :

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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