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Hempushpa Tonic & Health Aim Capsule (combo pack).

Hempushpa Tonic & Health Aim Capsule (combo pack).

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Use For: 

  • Anaemia
    • Abdominal cramps
      •  health in female
        • Nutrient supplement
          • Regular causes of irregular periods
            • Removing gastric problems in women
              • Preventing more bleeding in Periods
                • Removing Urine Problems in Women

                  Hempushpa Tonic & Health Aim Capsule is a ayurvedic or herbs formulas medicine made specially for women health. Hem Pushpa Syrup Uses & health benefits a tonic for women health that helps to boost the immune & make internally strong and fight women health problems in their daily living.

                  Ayurvedic Women's Health Hem Pushpa Syrup &  Health Aim Capsule :

                   Female health care,


                  Reduces women's vulnerability :

                  Helps in purifying & formation of new blood for glowing skin & beauty,



                  Each 15 ML Contains Extracts of :

                  Lodhra (symplocos racemosat) 750mg Manjith (rubia cordifolia) 430mg. Anantmool (hemidesmus indicus) 430rng Bala (sida cordifolia) 32mg  Gokhr  (tribulus terrestris) 320mg, Brahmi (bacopa monnieri) 320mg, Shankhpushpi (convolvulus pturicaulis%) 320mg, Ashok (saraca indica) 215mg, Masan (curculigo orchioides) 250mg, Shivlingi (diplocyclos palmatus) 215 mg. Punamava
                  (taoerhaavia diffusa) 215mg, Asgand (withania somnitera) 50mg,

                  Indication :

                  For good health and well being. It helps to recover from physical mental and neural asthenia increases physical stamina, strength and zeal.


                  Hem Pushpa Syrup :1 measuring cup (7m1) Hempushpa with 1 tablet Hemtab twice a day with water or as directed by the physician

                   Health Aim Capsule : 1 capsule to be taken after each. meal or as directed by the Physician.

                  Net Contents:
                  454 ml. Hempushpa & 64 Tablet Hemtab

                  Store in a cool, dry place. away from direct sunlight.

                  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE .

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