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Charak M2-Tone Syrup 450ml(pack of 3)

Charak M2-Tone Syrup 450ml(pack of 3)

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  • Women's health
  • Anxiety and reduces pain
  • Overcome weakness
  • Relieve stress
  • Hormonal imbalance in women
  • Nutritional and emotional balance in women

Charak M2 Tone Syrupfor is a comprehensive formulation containing herbs that is used to restore hormonal imbalance in women, support healthy periods and improve overall health in women. It contains Ashoka, lodhra, Shatavari, and Jatamansi as active ingredients that help to maintain hormonal, nutritional and emotional balance in women

Charak M2 Tone Syrup

For women's health,

Health supplement :

Anxiety and reduces pain,


Each 5 ml contains :
kasis shuddha 10 mg,
Extract of the following :
Saraca indicco 400mg,Asparagus racemosus 100mg,Cyperus ratundus 60mg,Eugenia jambolana belerica 30mg,Nelumbium speciosum & terminalia belerica 30mg,Terminalio chebula 20mg,Dashmool 100mg,Cuminum cyminum 10mg,Cedrus deodara 7mg,Piper longum 5mg,Bryonia lacininiosa 2mg,Swertia chirata Wh 1mg,
Flavoured syrupy base q.s
Sodium methylparaben ,sodium propylparaben & sodium benzoate


2-3 teaspoonful,twice a day or as per physician's advice

Side effect

No side effect Ayurvedic medicine.

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