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Dr. Biswas Ever Health Capsule (pack of 2)

Dr. Biswas Ever Health Capsule (pack of 2)

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    • Ever Health Capsule help you gain your desired weight.
    • It Help you increase your body size.
    • This Capsule help increase your energy level & fitness.
    • Ever Health improve your skins complexion & give you glowing skin.
    • Help increase your appetite.
    • Also increase your bodies protein synthesis.

Dr. Biswas Ever Health Capsule improves your overall health and help you stay fit. Ever Health for Strong Immunity and Weight Gain, Insomnia, Loss Of Appetite, Reduces weakness, Enhances Body Strength, Improves Immunity Power, It will improve your skins complexion & give you glowing skin, increase your bodies protein synthesis

Ayurvedic Overall Health Benefits Dr. Biswas Ever Health Capsule:

Weight Gain, Insomnia,

Health Supplement:

Weakness, Loss Of Appetite,


Each capsule  contains Extracts of:

Aswagandha .70 m.g,Anantamul.  50 m.g,Draksa .40 m.g,Brahmi.  30 m.g,Satamuli. 40 m.g,Jastimadhu. 40 m.g,Jatamansi.  40 m.g,Sankhapuspi .50 m.g,Virage. 40 m.g,Gokhru .30 m.g,Amlaki. 50 m.g.

Additive agent:

Sodhita Shilajeet .10 m.g,Bana bhasma. 8 m.g,Sodium Benzoate .2 m.g


Weight loss, weakness ,muscle wasting, body building, illness ,anaemia, loss of appetite ,liver or digestive disorder


As Directed by the physician

Pack Size:

Container of 50 capsule.

Side Effect : No Side Effect .

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