Gerivit Forte capsule & Dhat Sakti capsule (combo pack)

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Gerivit Forte & Dhat Sakti capsule for Premature Ejaculation,  is a non-hormonal and safe aphrodisiac formulation, which promote male vitality and sheeghrapatan. It Includes in response to physical stimulation by causing smooth muscle relaxation in the corpus cavernous. It can help the old aged men to get maximum enjoyment by Improving gerivit erectile dysfunction and. is a highly effective for the man who is suffering from  debility arise due to physical weaknes & mental stress or ageing symptoms.

Ayurvedic stimulant medicine for male :

Premature Ejaculation ,

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 Gerivit forte capsule : Each Capsule Contains:
Chyavanprash (Chavanprash Concentrate) 120 mg, Calcined Mica 20 mg, Withania Somnifera (Aswagandha) 40 mg, Sulphide of mercury With Gold (Makaradhwaj) 10 mg, Asphaltum (Silajit Purified) 20 mg, Crocus sativus (Saffron) 10 mg, Mosaic Gold (Swarnavanga) 30 mg, Centella asiatica (Brahmi) 30 mg, Calcined iron (Lauha Bhasma) 10 mg, Terminalia Arjuna (Arjuna) 40 mg, Soaked In The Extracts Of Asparagus Racemosus (Satavar) 15 mg, Terminalia Chebula (Hare) 30 mg.

Dhat sakti capsule : Bach (acorus calamus)50mg.
Aswagandha (withania somnifera)(100mg). Satamuli (asparagus recemosus)75mg. Gokshur (tribulus terrestris)25mg. Jatifala (myristica fragrans)25mg. Atmagupta (mucuna prupita)25mg. Gulanch (tinospora cordifolia)50mg. Jeevak (malaxis acuminate)25mg. Kulekhara (asteracantha longifolia)25mg. Vidaaree kanda (lpomoea digitata)45mg. Arjun (terninalia arjuna)12.5mg.


Nervine weakness,erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.


Gerivit Forte capsule - One or two capsule two hours before bed time oa as directed by the physician(for more satisfactory effect taken it with warm milk).
Dhat Sakti capsule - One capsule twice daily.

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