Good Health Capsule & Vitamin-E Capsule. (Combo pack of 2)

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Dr. Biswas good health Capsules are made entirely from natural ingredients, they are great for muscle function, increase your weight and stimulate new blood and appetite. Vitamin-E capsules retain your natural glow and are effective in beautifying you

Dr. Biswas good health Capsules are made entirely from natural ingredients :

For good health & well being,

Health supplement :

Skin, hair and make you beautiful,

Benefits attributed to vitamin E & Good health capsule :

Antioxidant properties: Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can harm cells and contribute to the development of 

Skin health: Vitamin E is often associated with skin health and is found in many skincare products. It may help moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation, and protect against sun damage.

Immune support: Vitamin E plays a role in supporting a healthy immune system by enhancing immune cell function.

Heart health: Some studies suggest that vitamin E may have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. It may help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, a process that can contribute to the formation of plaque in arteries.

Weight gaine : This Ayurvedic capsule increases your appetite and improves your weight.

Good health : Good health refers to a state of physical, mental, and social well-being, where an individual is free from illness or disease and can function optimally in their daily life.

  • Promotes healthy skin and hair health
  • Improves muscle health
  • Boosts immune function
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Weight gain
  • good health
  • well being,
 use :

Good Health Capsule : 1 capsule daily after meal.
Vitamin - E Eapsule : 1 capsule daily at night .

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