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Happy Life Capsule (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE).

Happy Life Capsule (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE).

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Use For:

Vigor and vitality.
Human growth 
Energy billing system.
A private life is a happy life.
Secretase diseases.
Maintain the enjoy full conjugal life.

    Happy life capsule it is an energy increasingmete type of , men's have good result in secretases diseases vigor. secretase diseases, increase , energy billing system, vigor and vitality It Works As An Energy Booster And Makes The Human Body System Stronger.

    Happy Life Capsule:

    Energy booster for men, vigor and vitality, secretase diseases


    (For each 500 mg capsule)
    Aqueous Extract of Herbs.
    Aswagandha Withania somnifera.150 mg,Anantamul Hemidesmus indicus.100 mg,Satamuli Asparagus resemosus.100 mg,Arjuna Terminalia arjuna.25 mg,
    Gokshura Tribulus terrstris.25 mg,Jatiphala Myristica fragrans.35 mg,


    It is energy increasingmete  type of medicine, men's have good result in secretase diseases vigor and ritality.


    1 capsule 1 hour before sleeping at night as directed the physician

    Side Effect:
    No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.
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