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Weight Gainer Health Up Capsule for Healthy Life (pack of 3).

Weight Gainer Health Up Capsule for Healthy Life (pack of 3).

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Vitamin Ayurvedic Medicine Health Up Capsule  Wholesome For All-Round Improvement In Life, Attractive  And Healthy  Body   Most  Important  Full  Development  Life  Clouds  M  Pharmaz  Ayurvedic  Health  Up  Capsule  for Vitamin, Biswas  Good  Health  Capsule  Price  Your  Immune  System  Strength  And  Weakness, best  protein Capsule  for  weight  gain  etc .Health  Up  helps  to digest all  kinds  of  stomach problems  like  gas, constipation.

Vitamin Ayurvedic Medicine Health Up  Biswas Good Health Capsule Price Best Protein Capsule For Weight Gain Your Immune System Strength And Weakness:

Growth of the whole body & very helpful in digesting


Health Supplement:

Weight Gainer, power & strength in the body



500 mg Capsule  Contains:

Twak (Dalchini),  Mandoor Bhasm.... 50 mg, Safed oosli... 15 mg, Bhringaraj.... 50 mg, Guduchi Satva ...25 mg, Jatiphala ...25 mg, Aswagandha... 50 mg. Shudh Shilajeet... 20 mg, Trifla.... 50 Mmg, Vidhara... 75 mg, Akarkara ....25 mg, Praval Pisti.... 12.5 mg, Bang Bhasm ....12.5 mg, Konch Beej.... 15 mg, Beej Kand... 25 mg.


One Capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician


Side Effect :

No Side Effect Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Store in a cool dry & dark place

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