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Kam-X 30 capsule (pack of 3)

Kam-X 30 capsule (pack of 3)

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  • Acts against erectile dysfunction, premature Ejaculation.
  • Combination of pure herbs and plant.
  • It strengthens the penile tissue and boost  functions.
  • It boosts level in the body.
  • This capsule improves sperm count 
  • It is effective to relieve the problems of stress, strain and debility.
  • Maintain the enjoy full conjugal life.

Ayurvedic kam-x immunity & booster capsule,& this capsule in all stresss & trained conditions,tension,erectile dysfunction spermatorrhea,depression,Acts against erectile dysfunction, premature Ejaculation & Combination of pure herbs and plant

Ayurvedic kam-x immunity :

Erectile dysfunction, premature Ejaculation,

Health supplement:

For men's health,

Composition :

Aswagandha (withania somnifera)100mg,Anantamul (Hemidesmulindicus)75mg,Satamuli (asperagus racemosus)75mg, Alkushi (Mucuna purrita)75gm,Jaiphal(Myristica fragrans)50mg, Daruchini (Cinnamomum zylenicum)25gm,Choto Elachi (Elattaria cardamomum)10gm,Tej pata (Cinnamomum tamala)10mg,Draksha (vitis vienefera)25mg.

Preservative:Sodium Benzoate IP 0.1%, Excipients DCP q.s. to 200mg,


In all stress & strained conditions, tension, erectile dysfunction, sperm count, depression, physical weakness,

Dosage :

One capsule twice daily or As directed by the physician,

Side effect : Totally chemical-free, natural and 100 % safe,

Pack size: 30 capsule.

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