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KULER-EON PLUS SYRUP 450ML (pack of 2)

KULER-EON PLUS SYRUP 450ML (pack of 2)

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  • Anemia
  • Increase hemoglobin
  • Iron deficiency
  • Strength
  • low blood pressure
  • Weakness
  • Urinary problems
  • Illness
  • Immunity
  • Energy

Ayurvedic best medicine for anemia Immunity Booster Kuler-eon plus syrup increase hemoglobin, iron deficiency  medicine which increasing Hemoglobin in blood, The syrup very useful in increasing to fight anemia, it cleans the blood, reducing stomach pain, low Blood pressure, antioxidant activity, blood & improves body, urinary problems, reducing diabetic, iron deficiency, Increase body strength.

Ayurvedic best Medicine for Anemia Hemoglobin and Iron Deficiency :

Immunity Booster

Health Supplement

Increase hemoglobin, Iron deficiency


Each 5ml syrup
Kulekhara (Hygrophila spinosa) Wp 800mg, Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) Rt 200mg, Anantamul (Hemidesmus indicus) Rt 150mg, Satamul (Asperagus recemosus) Rt 150mg, Pippali (Piper longum) Ft 100mg, Nakeshar (Mesua ferrea) Stm 100mg, Golmarich (piper nigrum) Ft 150mg, Sunthi (zingiber officinale) Rz 100mg,

Xanthum gum 15mg, Aspartame 500mg,

Sodium Benzoate IP 17mg, Sodium methyl paraben IP 5mg, Sodium propyl paraben IP 08mg,

Ponceau4R 0.03ml,

pineapple 0.0125ml, Purified Water 5ml.


Anemia, Increase Hemoglobin level, iron Deficiency, Increase Body Strength.


As Directed by the physician.

Side Effects:

No Side Effects Ayurvedic Medicine .

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