Lama Musli Pak & Rxtime Extra tablet (combo pack).

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Lama Musli Pak Churna & Rxtime Extra tablet combo for energy,libido, stamina & sheeghrapatan is ideal for your looking to rekindle romance in their conjugal life. The Musli Pak from Lama contains Musli, Ghrit, Sugar, Ela, Dalchini, Chitrak, Ashwagandha, Lavanga, jaiphal and other invigorating components. It is a strong aphrodisiac that aids arousal.

Ayurvedic Musli Pak Churna & Rxtime Extra Tablet for energy, libido, stamina & sheeghrapatan:

Vigor & vitality


Men's Health :

Physical Weakness


Composion :

Each 5pm contains :

Musli Pak Churna :

Safed Musli, Ghrit each 0.614 gm. St Ppul Kalimarich, Bari Elaichi, Dalchini, Tejpatta, Suwa Chitrakmool, Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Haritaki, Lawang Japhal, Jawitri, Talmakhna, Bale Beej (Ahareti), ach Bee Semal Gond, Kamal Gatts, Barslochan, Alaskan each 0.019 gm, Bang Bhasma 1.038 gm, Makarovaj 0.019 gm, Sakkar 3.072 gm.

Rxtime Extra tablet :Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) Rt 50 mg, Alkushi (Mucuna prurita)sd 50 mg. Bhulkumro (Pueraria) Tb rt 40 mg, Brihati (Solanum indicum) Rt 60 mg.

Indication :

It is a Tested Aphrodisiac and Revitalizing tonic. Also useful for emaciartion and lack of strength and vigor.


Musli Pak Churna : 1½-2 Teaspoonful twice daily with Milk/Warm water or as directed by the Physician

Rxtime Extra tablet : 1 Tablet to be taken half an hour before going to bed or as directed by the Physician.

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