Lecorin Plus Tonic 200ml (pack of 4)

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Women's Health Lecorin Plus Tonic for Leukorrhea. It is formulated for complete female problem solving, relieving non-specific leucorrhoea, associated with leucorrhoea, functional uterine bleeding, congenital back pain, weakness and burning syndrome of hands and feet. And it is completely an Ayurvedic herbal medicine .

Women's Health Lecorin Plus Tonic for Leukorrhea :

For leucorrhoea, functional uterine bleeding, 

Women's health care :

leucorrhoea &  female problem solving, 



Lecorin Plus Tonic

Each 5ml, contains the extract of -
Prunus puddum (Padmakastha)20 mg, Sida cordifalia (Bala)100 mg,
Vitis vinifera (Munakka)10 mg, Aegle marmelos (Belgiri)40 mg,
Uncaria gambier (Khadir)15 mg, Woodfardia floribunda (Dhiphool)20 mg,Acacia arabica (Babul)90 mg, Hemidesmus indicus (Anantamool)90 mg, Symplocos racemorus (Lodhra)120 mg, Saraca indica (Ashokchal)140 mg, Berberis aristata (Darhaldi)20 mg, Gmelina arborea (Gambhari)120 mg,

Karne of :

Mangifera indica (Amrsathi)20 mg
Asparagus racemosus (Satavar)40 mg

Flavoured syrup base q.s. Processed in other ingredients.


Non-specific Leucorrhoea, associated with Leucorrhoea, functional uterine bleeding, concomitant backache, weakness and burning syndromes of hands and feet


Adults: 2 to 3 teaspoonfuls thrice daily with water after meals or as directed by the physician.

Lecorin Plus Tonic side effect :
No side effect on Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

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